The Good, The Bad, And The Soggy

The Good: 
- I rode THREE DAYS IN A ROW, BABY. Granted, that was mostly walk/trot on our gravel driveway since the arena is a strange mix of snow, standing water, slush, and awkward icebergs. Dino was fabulous, and seems like he is ready to work after having the season off.
- I updated my Google Calendar with all of the dates of dressage, jumper, and combined test shows that I could go to this year. It made me freak out a little, but it was also a little comforting in the fact that there are so many opportunities available for us to get in the show ring.

The Bad:
-Dino has scratches. Ugh. Clipped white legs + mud = nastiness. Thankfully it's really not that bad of a case, and I'm pretty sure a few Betadine scrubs and some antiseptic and/or diaper rash ointment will do the trick.

The Soggy:
-Yesterday evening my phone leapt out of my pocket and into a puddle, and drowned. RIP, phone.

Because who doesn't love Max pictures?!


  1. I love your blog! And your pony (and dog for that matter) are adorable! Just sort of found this underworld of horse blogs and am now totally addicted.
    Also read your post about helmets - I myself am in the market, and nearly shit my pants looking at the price tags (okay.. not really "nearly", more like metaphorically). Why sooo expensive?!?!

    1. COME TO THE DARK SIDE OF THE HORSE BLOGGERS. It's fun. We have cookies. ;) Dino and Max thank you for the compliment on their adorableness! Helmets... yeah. And the cheap ones are fugly!! Well, actually, not all of them... if your head fits into an Ovation those are actually quite nice looking! But generally you have to pay top dollar to get something that is both safe, AND looks good. The price we pay for these horses!


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