Back On The Grid - A Recap of the Past Few Days

How this week is going so far...

WELL this week has been fun so far.

I ended up getting a new phone on Monday afternoon after a.) Attempting to resurrect an old flip-phone and failing, and b.) Attempting to meet up with Rachel to get my other back-up phone from her, but she was working and in class. How lame! So I ended up driving to the AT&T store, being told that I couldn't do anything because my husband is the only authorized user on the account, driving back home, getting my husband, driving BACK to AT&T, and then finally getting to sit down with a salesperson to figure out our options. 

I ended up with a new iPhone 4c, and a cheaper monthly phone bill after we changed some things around. Success! It just felt really good to have that taken care of, since my phone is my lifeline for work. 

Plus my new phone is YELLOW and it is SO FAST! 

Then, a lot of family-related insanity, craziness, funeral for Michael's grandma, etc. It's been a wild ride the last few days.  

In pony-related news, yesterday it climbed up into the low 60's and so of course I had to ride. The condition of the arena was... interesting. It was half-thawed, but the thawed half was pretty much completely submerged. The un-thawed half was a weird slushy, patchy conglomeration of nastiness. BUT I got to ride! WE CANTERED. I kind of had to remember how to canter, and I was forced to pull up before the slushy weirdness, so we really only cantered through a giant puddle on one long side a few times, but we cantered. I now feel prepared to school water complexes. 

Dino was not a huge fan of the footing, [he is a total footing snob] so he wasn't too keen on really engaging and working well. Even so, he was happy and forward, and I used the time to trot around without my stirrups and do a little two-point to try and get myself back in shape. Also, the cantering. It was the highlight of my day just to be riding in the sun IN A T-SHIRT. 

To my irritation, Dino is STILL not shedding. Ugh! I really don't want to body clip him AGAIN. The full clip process is just so time consuming. And itchy.

Today was just a rockstar day all around. I got up, took care of the minis, worked for a couple hours, and then headed to the barn to meet my farrier so Dino could get his feet done. Homeboy got his new kicks, and luckily after that I had time for a quick spin. The lake in the arena had mostly dried up and the majority of the icebergs had melted.

The pony was fresh. So fresh. Once I asked him to pick up the canter and he realized that the ground was good enough for him to actually move and go somewhere, he didn't want to stop. I basically had no brakes. So I decided for some reason that I should trot him over a crossrail. This was probably not the best choice, as Dino proceeded to launch himself over the tiny jump and then speed away at Mach 5. After that exuberant display and not wanting him to go too fast through a slippery spot and fall, I flatted him around for a few more minutes, during which time he kept sneakily trying to canter again.

Sassy pony had me riding around with a huge smile on my face.


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