A Happy Day In Pony Land

Already we have improvement on the scratches front!

The swelling is down a little bit (thank you, Bute and turnout) and the lesions themselves look SO much better today. Check out that happy pink skin starting to emerge!

Unfortunately Dino also decided to roll today in turnout, and subsequently ripped off some of his scabbing, so there are those two red, raw patches that are now deep scrapes, but overall he looks MUCH better after just a day of treatment.

Compared to yesterday's photos, you can see that the scabby areas are much lighter in color, and the scabs themselves are softer and looser. I'm looking forward to even more reduction in the swelling tomorrow as the SMZ's start to kick in, which will take another day or so.

I considered lunging him for about two seconds today, and then I remembered that the wind was gusting at about 40 mph, my eyes were watering just standing outside, and opening and closing doors was incredibly difficult. So I nixed that plan.

Dino is also starting to shed a little more, FINALLY, and I was able to produce a respectable pile of hair from his neck & butt. Let the obsessive-compulsive grooming begin. My brand-new bottle of MTG is also going to good use helping him grow his hair back where his blanket rubbed his left shoulder. He's got some peach fuzz going on now!

I didn't get to ride, and my pony has a raging nasty skin infection, but today was a happy day.


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