I Should Consider A Career As A Private Investigator

Dino's scratches are continuing to improve, though the little stinker is being fussy about eating his meds. Totally making a liar out of me by not eating his SMZ's, the jerk. We may have to switch to syringing everything down his throat if he continues this nonsense.

During my new daily routine of wash-dry-slather, I was thinking about the weird location of the infection. His heels and pasterns are totally pristine and free of crud, which is weird because that's usually where scratches starts, since mud and gunk tends to collect in the heel area. Why the heck does he only have it all up and down the outsides of his legs?

Then remembered the Polar Vortex and the nasty crust of ice we had topping the snow for weeks on end, and the fact that Dino was getting tiny pinprick cuts on his clipped white legs from the sharp ice.

Once everything melted and it got muddy, all of the nasties living in the mud had free access to his skin through these little cuts.


Sometimes I'm so brilliant I can't even stand myself.

For the record, stalls are dumb. And my horse is a midget.


  1. Bobby had the same thing on all of his legs from the stupid ice this winter. His were much more mild though fortunately!

    1. At least Robert has black legs... that helps! This is definitely the nastiest case of scratches I've ever seen in my life, it got so out of hand in such a short time. Totally on par with the disgusting photos you find on Google image search.

  2. Bahaha. He's so small he can't see out the window. Poor pony lol


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