Normal Peoples' Lives Must Be So Boring

Okay, so, my brilliant treatment plan for Dino's leg funk didn't exactly work.

I tried a couple other things, including Ye Olde Sauerkraut Poultice and most recently MTG, and while the scabs are starting to come off and the skin itself looks slightly less angry, yesterday his leg was HUGE when I went out to see him.

*cue horror movie violins screeching*

Where is his fetlock joint? I DON'T KNOW EVERYTHING IS PUFFY.


Not quite a tree trunk leg, but concerning nonetheless.

I left Dino with another application of MTG and put up in a clean stall with no wraps on, but the whole situation just wasn't sitting right with me. I chatted with Rachel and Michael about it, and expressed my concerns about a secondary infection and cellulitis. I ended up calling the vet out, as much as it pained my bank account to do so. Thankfully Michael is the best husband ever and wants Dino to be better just as much as I do, so he doesn't complain [too much] about the bills.

Dr. Erin was on-call for the clinic last night, and was right out to take a look at my pony. She even made it to the barn before me. High five, Dr. Erin.

The first thing she said to me was that the leg wasn't as bad as she was expecting. Score! I brought Dino into the big barn for her to look at, and she did a quick exam of his vital signs. Everything was totally normal, so he doesn't have a systemic infection. *cue sigh of relief* Dr. Erin also said that I was totally on the right track with my treatment plan, but the infection just got out of hand and I needed some bigger guns to combat it.

Not as bad as the vet expected. Still looks ugly to me. 
Those big guns are 2 weeks worth of SMZ's (antibiotics for you laypeople), 5 days of bute to help bring down the swelling, and a daily wash with mild soap followed by a slathering of Super Scratches Ointment which is anti-everything and rumored to have magical properties. Dino is ok to be turned out and ridden as long as he stays out of the mud. I can deal with that.

He slurps this mess right up. 



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