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This post is going up waaaaay later than I originally planned. Thanks, Blogger, for eating my post. A new lesson recap will be coming soon, too! 

Two weekends ago, Dino got his first-ever chiropractic adjustment.

I will admit that for a long time I lumped chiropractic into the "bogus therapy" category. I had no interest in trying it, and had gotten such good results with massage therapy and good saddle fitting that I didn't think Dino really needed me to spend so much money on something that may or may not make a difference for him.

But then I started working at my current job at an equine vet practice, and began learning about what a positive difference chiropractic adjustment made for lots of our patients. The fact that the work was done by a vet that I know well and respect immensely rather than some quack with limited study under their belt helped turn the tide towards giving chiro a try for my old man. Especially as we continue to challenge his body in his senior ye…

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