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Practically Asleep: A Lesson Recap

In a decisive moment of scheduling, I set up a lesson for this past Saturday. As a result, I cantered my pony for the first time in probably 3+ weeks, and we jumped over sticks! WHEE!

Since apparently everyone else and their mother was taking a lesson mid-day on Saturday, the ring was a bit.. crowded. Sharing our space were two riders in a beginner walk-trot lesson, another small child hacking her pony around, and two women riding and lunging their own horses, one of which was an absolute spitfire of a red mare who was flying around the small indoor like her tail was on fire.

For Dino and I, who covet our personal space and really love having the ring to ourselves, it was a challenging environment.

But, of course, Trainer Extraordinaire used what could have been a big damper on our ride as an exercise in staying calm, thoughtful, and soft.

Considering the rapid drop in temperatures and our lack of regular work, we warmed up for quite a while at the walk, letting Dino cruise on a long…

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