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Favorite Days

This fall has been a whirlwind, to say the least.

With a lot of big changes happening in my life, the biggest of which is the purchase of a home, riding has had to take a backseat lately. Especially since show season ended a good two months ago, and then Dino got injured, when I do get to ride things are a lot more low key. 
While Dino is back in work for the most part, I've been taking it very easy to try and preserve the fresh scab that recently formed over his wound. Our rides have taken the form of bareback nature walks or very light dressage schools (also sans saddle), and I have to say, they've been some of my favorite days. 
Swinging my leg over and settling in behind Dino's withers is like putting all my worries and stress into a box, and putting it away. Sitting behind his perky orange ears, I'm home. Our bodies know each other, our souls know each other, and being together is effortless. 

Dino is absolutely thrilled to be back in work and able to go do thing…

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