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Test Riding For Basketcases

The day after the Centered Riding clinic, I was lucky enough to get a lesson scheduled with my trainer at our farm! I recapped what I had learned and worked on the day before, and she was able to blend those concepts into our lesson, which focused on getting ready to ride the dressage test at our upcoming horse trial.

Dino was not super thrilled to be back doing hard work in the jump field, and felt sticky and behind my leg throughout most of the lesson. Our warm up focused on getting the horses moving forward and pushing them out into the outside rein while making nice round 20m trot circles, but I was reluctant to really take a good feel of the bit since Dino was feeling so unmotivated, and rode on a pretty light contact the entire time. 
This would come back to bite me in the ass later. 
We dove right into practicing BN A, and my first attempt was an absolute hot mess. 
My brain went into "AHH! A DRESSAGE TEST!" mode and any semblance of good riding went out the window. …

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