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In the midst of managing my exploding ear, exciting things have been happening on the bird-filled side of the property. About a month or two ago, Edna went broody. REAL BROODY. For the non-chicken-people out there, "broody" refers to when a hen experiences hormonal shifts that tell her to SIT ON EGGS. SIT ON THEM NOW!! TIME TO HATCH SOME BABIES! It can get extreme. 
Edna's dedication to her nest was like nothing I've ever seen. She refused to leave it, and growled like a grumpy, fluffy pancake if I touched her. She was stealing other hens' eggs to sit on them. When she did leave the nest once a day to eat or drink, she went on an absolute rampage. Fluffing herself up, jumping in the air, making insane noises, and giving off a general air of, "Mess with me and I will cut you." She had plucked all of the feathers out of her own breast so that she could put her bare skin against the eggs, providing the perfect degree of temperature and humidity. Edna was …

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