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Two Horse Tack Review

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by the nice folks at Two Horse Tack asking if I would like to review their beta biothane tack on my blog. I agreed, chose a grooming halter to review, and then a bunch of nor'easters and other horrible weather happened.

But it's (slightly) improved out there now, and I have a review here for y'all!

My experience with synthetic bridlework has been limited at best. The barn where I taught lessons when the Wintec brand was starting to become popular with recreational riders used synthetic tack for the lesson horses, and it always left me unimpressed. It was stiff in cold weather (actually, it was stiff all the time), cracked easily, was slippery, the cheaper stuff wore terribly, and it all felt like plastic. It pretty much turned me off synthetic tack for life. Aside from purchasing a set of Tekna open-front boots years ago that I was quite happy with, I have not used synthetic tack since the days of Wintec saddles and no-name synthetic bridl…

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