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This Post Brought To You By Back On Track and Surpass

  Modeling his lovely scarf.  Not really. I'm not cool enough to have sponsors. But if those companies want to sponsor me that would be GREAT. Have your people call my people.  We all know that horses are trying to maim and/or kill themselves pretty much constantly, and despite his long-running general soundness and very sensible nature, Dino has done something weird to himself. He has somehow re-aggravated a previous shoulder injury by... I don't know, walking through the mud or rolling or getting kicked in the field or sleeping wrong or perhaps the moon was in the wrong phase... really the possibilities are endless.  Last week I noticed he felt not quite right under saddle, and when I looked him over I saw visible muscle fasciculations in his right shoulder, as well as the biggest muscle knots I've ever felt on a horse. Super. So I threw him on the lunge to see what he looked like, and what he looked like was lame on that right front.  Cool, cool.  Enjoy these fun stills

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