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Another Lesson: No More Excuses

We've finally hit the point in our lessons with Ashley that not everything was butterflies and rainbows and amazing performances this time. While it was a good lesson, a worthwhile lesson, and one that gave me lots to work on before our next one, it was a ride that reminded me what we all know - progress isn't linear, training horses doesn't send us in a steadily upward direction, setbacks happen, and learning is messy. 
It was my first lesson in the new saddle, and it was great to be comfortable and balanced and secure with tack that helped my position and Dino's comfort. We had that going for us, at least, even though I hadn't ridden Dino for two days prior to the lesson, his feet were crazy over-due to be trimmed and re-shod and his shoes were held on with prayers and fairy dust, and I was still dealing with his anxious mouth and ducking behind the bit that had developed over the past two weeks. 
But, this is why I pay my trainer to tell me how to ride better!

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