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A Foray Back Into Hunterlandia

Time for us to go back in time for a lesson recap!

Since my regular coach is still out of commission for a bit, last weekend I decided to head up to take another group lesson with Cristina and her Fancy Hunter Trainer. I haven't had professional eyes on me since June, and was way, WAYYYY overdue for some input. Plus, riding with friends is always fun!

It was unfortunately also really, stupid-hot out, so our lesson was a little less intense than I was hoping for, but I still got some good takeaways from the ride!

We started off with simple flatwork; getting the horses trotting forward and working on our position, alternating between two point and posting every few strides. Knowing that I need to work on re-securing my jumping position, this was a great exercise for me! Hunter Trainer encouraged me to think about holding myself strongly in my core, letting Dino move forward towards a very very light contact, and giving him space to hold his frame and the pace on his own instead of …

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