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Peaceful Golden Days of Autumn

With show season very officially behind us for the year and other obligations cutting down on riding time a bit, I've just been enjoying riding Dino without any immediate goals in mind. It's nice to just spend time with my buddy. This week, that included "just putzing around" bareback in our western bridle as I recovered from a cold. I wasn't physically up to a very demanding ride, so decided to quiet things down a bit and have a nice bareback ride instead. Riding bareback is always such a good opportunity to hone my body awareness and really focus on how I am allowing or inhibiting Dino to work underneath me.

And wouldn't you know it, that ride resulted in some of the softest, most relaxed, most through walk and trot work we've had in a LONG time!

While of course there's always a lot to improve on, I LOVE how you can see how soft Dino is through his back in the video, and the swing that goes all the way through his tail! He's super quiet in the …

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