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Burgundy Hollow July HT: 2 Out Of 3 Ain't Bad

This past weekend's horse trial was a mixed bag to say the least!

Dino and I performed a solid dressage test and got some great feedback from the judge, and our first BN stadium course in over a year was a total cakewalk.

Cross country, however, remains a major issue at this level, and I've got plenty of thoughts on the why's and how's of that, but let's start from the beginning.

The day before the show, Dino's eyeball looked like this:

One panicked phone call and several texts to my vet later, and she determined that it was most likely either conjunctivitis caused by flies, or more likely he'd irritated his third eyelid in trying to rub his muzzle off. My vet prescribed some eye goo and Banamine, and ok'd us to show the next day. 
Thankfully, on Sunday morning his eye was pretty much totally back to normal, so we loaded up, picked up a friend and her baby horse, and headed up to the show. 
I spent most of the morning helping my buddy with her baby rac…

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