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Look Ma, No Spurs! And Two Steps Back

Since August when I started riding with Ashley, I've been doing something that I don't do often at all.

Riding without spurs.

For a long time, I subscribed to the old maxim, "Never go into battle unarmed," and came to each ride dressed for war in spurs with whip in hand. Dino was absolutely a stick & spur ride for years, unless we were trail riding or hunting, and I used both tools just about every ride. But over the past couple months, I've been leaving the spurs in my locker, taking them out only when I felt the bend was suffering a bit and Dino might need a little reminder.

And overall, it's been going great.

Dino's really loving this whole riding-with-my-legs-off thing, and I feel like a kinder human being without poking my pony in the gut every other stride. We're improving the way we work together, and I think it feels really good for both of us.

But of course, like every good thing, it isn't all butterflies and rainbows, and over the p…

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