Couch Potato

Chambon is SO MUCH WORK

Dino is officially, 100% back in work! So far we've had two really good schooling rides, and one good solid lunge session in the chambon.

The chambon is the one "gadget" that I really like, since it encourages downward/outward stretch and doesn't let the horse get trapped in a false frame. Since I have limited barn time this week, on Monday the pony got a spin on the line.

He is quite the little couch potato from his winter off. It took him a looooong time to really loosen up, stretch, and start to work up under himself. Once he got going Dino did some really nice work at a forward, rolling trot and relaxed stretchy canter, but there were several points at which he declined to work hard and instead just slowly cantered around with his head in the air like a deranged llama. Because that's easier than putting your head down and pushing with your butt.

I'm also happy to report that he hasn't forgotten everything I've ever taught him; he's just a little flabby. And that's okay.


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