March Is Gonna Be Our Month


First of all, the temperature is going to be 48 DEGREES this weekend, which is basically tropical and I'm planning on busting out my bikini and working on my tan in the backyard.

Also, March means that Dino will (hopefully) really start shedding, which means I get to participate in my most favorite activity ever: removing hair from my pony. I have, on occasion, been late for things because I lost all track of time during a shedding-out session.

I realize this makes me a freak.

I'm also hoping, praying, and performing bizarre rituals in an attempt to make the snow melt and go away so that I can get back to actually riding.

I literally do not remember the last time Dino and I jumped. This is sad.

Here's to March!


  1. I CANNOT wait for shedding season - it is so satisfying to curry all that extra hair off and see a summer coat below (even if it is dusty and dull from the currying).

    1. YES!! So excited to find someone else who shares my love of shedding season!!!


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