Rolling With The Punches

Yesterday it snowed a bunch, we probably got about 6 inches in total, and the roads were absolutely horrendous for most of the day. Getting to and from the minis in the morning was an interesting experience, but thankfully I work from home and got to spend the majority of the day on the couch in front of the wood stove, working on some blogs for our company site. Tough life I have. 

By about 3pm the snow had stopped falling and the roads had all been plowed and salted, so of course I headed out to the barn. The snow was nice and fluffy, not wet snowball snow, so the conditions were excellent for riding. I was debating riding bareback (pony = fuzzy buttwarmer) but when I got to the barn the horses were in, leaving the turnout fields open for riding, so I threw on my western saddle so I wouldn't die doing hillwork in the snow. 

Adventure time!

Awesome discovery of the day: my huge clonky very warm snow boots fit in my western stirrups. PRAISE THE LORD. I sense that this winter is going to involve a lot of western riding. 

There is food under here, I KNOW IT. 
 Despite my general distaste for all things winter, it was absolutely gorgeous yesterday afternoon. The snow still hung on the trees like lace, the sun was just starting to set and give the sky a soft pink glow, and it was so quiet. There's something magical about being alone with your pony in such a beautiful place. We had a great time just moseying around the farm and getting some conditioning work done in the snow.

While I might not be able to do the intense schooling I want to in this weather, I'm still able to hack around, and maybe it's a good thing for both of us that we're forced to take a break from "serious" riding. 


  1. I used to love western riding for days like that :)

  2. It's a great excuse to just chill while still riding! I find I ride western most when the weather is bad... either super hot or super cold/snowy.


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