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The Dynamic Duo
This blog is all about me, Alli, and my adventures with my pony, Dino. 

I'm a 30-something, equestrian property real estate agent, married to a great guy, living in Bucks County, PA, weenie-low-level-eventer, pony-riding person who loves to write. 

Dino is a 1998 German Riding Pony gelding. Imported from the Fatherland, former hunter pony, college dropout, now a badass event and foxhunting pony. 

Together, we form a formidable and hilarious team. 

Both stubborn to the core, Dino and I do things in our own way, in our own time. We are basically one being... a Horson, I like to call us. Welcome to our world.


  1. Hi there! You two sound like a fun team to follow :) My name is Jacke and I'm stopping in on behalf of Two Horse Tack to see if you might be interested in selecting a tack item (free) and having Dino pose for a picture and write a product review. It's fun, free, and easy and that kind of sounds like how you two roll. If you are interested please email me at twohorsetack@gmail.com Put my name/ and your blog name in the subject line and I'd be happy to help you get started. Thank you for your time. Jacke


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