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One Of Those People

Since I last checked in at the beginning of June and admitted that both Dino and I were not at peak fitness, I sincerely started making an effort to run before work 2 days a week. In the intervening month and a half, I've only missed one day of 5:00am running due to a violent thunderstorm. My main goal has been not to give up before I make these early runs a habit.

In addition to each consecutive run sucking less and less, I'm slowly becoming one of those people that actually likes getting up at obscene hours of the morning to exercise. I never thought I'd say it, but I actually find myself enjoying hitting the trail to the park at sunrise and starting my day with a 2.5 mile run. I feel accomplished having already exercised by 6:00am, and after I got over the initial hump of feeling absolutely awful for the first week or two, I physically feel better after having run first thing in the morning. Getting up at 5:00 still isn't easy, but it's getting less difficult a…

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