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Della's Happily Ever After

After Lula died, Michael and I started looking for another rescue almost right away. We couldn't stand the emptiness in the house, and we both felt very strongly that we were being called to save the life of a dog in need. So, we started trawling the internet for just the right family member. We looked at hundreds of pictures, inquired about a dog or two, put in applications, provided references, and waited. We hit a dead end with the rescue we had contacted first, felt frustrated and defeated, and decided to keep looking. 
And then we saw a picture of a sweet little pocket pittie who had been surrendered to a high-kill shelter in the south the day before Lula died, and we knew. 
She was going to be ours. 

Her identifier with the rescue was "Nativity," since she was pulled from the shelter right around Christmastime. She had been doing so poorly in the shelter - cowering and shaking the whole time she was there - that she was going to be euthanized. But, thankfully, res…

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