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Season of Learning

While it objectively sucks that my own horse has sustained a career-ending injury, the past two months have provided such a special opportunity for me to learn by riding lots of different horses, and with different trainers. I've gathered information about myself as a rider, and the experience has enabled me to start really understanding what I want in my next equine partner. Some things I've learned have just been confirmations of what I already thought I knew, and other things have surprised me! All of it has certainly expanded my education and understanding.  I still really, really love horses and riding. I know some folks who, after losing their very special heart horse, stopped riding all together and left horses behind for good. For a while, I wondered if I'd be that kind of person. If not being able to ride and train Dino would mean I didn't want to ride and train anything else. Safe to say, that isn't the case! I love horses, I love riding, and while I love

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