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LVDA II at Heart's Journey Stables

It feels good to be back on the road showing more frequently again! Dino and I headed out with our show buddies to the second competition of the season at what was a new venue for all of us. It turned out to be an absolutely perfect day weather-wise again (70's and sunny. Glorious!) and everyone had a highly successful day, even though things started out a little hairy for the team.

Both horses, for whatever reason, were tense as tightropes getting ready that morning. Dino was so tight and worked up that at one point he started shivering, so I threw his BOT sheet on once he was clean and groomed to help him relax. Thankfully it did the trick, and he softened up within a few minutes with the sheet on, and by the time we arrived at the show he was his usual chill self. His overly dramatic chestnut TB friend just Could. Not. Even. for reasons only known to him, but thankfully he also settled and was able to put in a great test for his rider.

Unfortunately for me, Dino seemed to hav…

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