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Between Worlds

My #1. So I sort of fell off the wagon for three months. Whoops. Turns out retiring my horse combined with a big fat dose of seasonal depression is really not a great thing for my blogging motivation.  But we're still here. I'm still riding a little bit. Dino is still doing a great job healing and living his best life of leisure, and I'm still getting the opportunity to ride my friends' wonderful horses and take lessons on occasion. I just haven't been terribly inspired to blog about any of it.  On one hand, it's not a bad thing to be in a little bit of an in-between stage in my riding life right now. A person can't keep up a constant schedule of training and competing and work a full time job and part time jobs and maintain a healthy marriage and non-horsey friendships and continue to volunteer and spend time with family without getting totally fried. Balance is a good thing, breaks are a good thing. As much as I was gung-ho about continuing to train hard a

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