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Happy To Be Here: PONY'TUDE Goes Rated

After a summer of fits and starts, Dino and I finally made it to our first rated show at the beginning of October. I had hoped to get to one sooner in the season, but the pandemic is a thing and then we had our bout of soundness/connection problems, so instead of two or three rated outings, we had one this year. Such is horse showing! I was, as is typical, really nervous prior to this show. My two barn buddies that were supposed to be showing with me both had to scratch for various reasons, and so I'd be headed to my first "real" dressage show by myself. Normally showing alone doesn't phase me, but I was really feeling the need for some moral support at this one! Thankfully, though, I have the very best friends, and Megan met me at the show to lend a helping hand, encouragement, and her photography skills.Unfortunately, I got the short end of the stick as far as ride times go. I wouldn't be headed down centerline until 5:45 in the evening, which meant a whole day…

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