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It's Not About The Canter: Lesson Recap

I'm gonna break all my own rules here and skip right over our lesson from two weeks ago AND last weekend's indoor hack and get right on down to business with recapping this weekend's lesson. Boy howdy is there a lot to unpack here, folks.

But first, let's set the stage:

Enter Dino, who had been ridden exactly two times in the week leading up to this lesson, and who lost a shoe on one of those occasions. So, definitely very physically and mentally prepared for an hour long private lesson.

And then there's me, and let's be real, I am not in the best shape of my life at this moment in time. Our last lesson found me struggling mightily to get Dino to just GO, an experience made all the more painful by the absence of spurs and my dreadful mistake of allowing too much slow-speed toodling as a "warm-up."

Given the circumstances, when I got on to warm up before my trainer arrived, I knew that I had to get right to business to prevent the lesson from devolvin…

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