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Riding Jelly: The Emotional Thoroughbred Experience

So handsome! I have literally THE BEST FRIENDS in the world. As soon as word got around that Dino was retired, so many friends offered to let me sit on their wonderful horses, one of the first being my dear friend Karen, who is probably the kindest, loveliest, most generous person on the planet. Seriously. You don't get better than Karen.  Her horse Jelly is an 8 year old Thoroughbred event horse, and one of the barn favorites. He LOVES to be snuggled and is like a giant, beautiful, dapple grey 1,200 pound puppy.  He is also right around 17hh, all legs, and full of feelings.  So many feelings.  Feelings that I, a rider of the same stoic 14.1hh pony for the last 11 years quite frankly had a lot of difficulty managing!  I hopped on (in my silkie chicken print leggings, naturally) after Karen had already schooled Jelly on the flat. I've watched her ride him a lot, and he seemed like a pretty straightforward dude with an elegant way of going. Karen made him look like an easy, uncom

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