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Put It In Drive

  The past month in our training has been one of me getting frustrated in a movement or some aspect of Dino's response to the aid, and then realizing days or weeks later that the problem came down to a fault in my position.  Why is that always the answer? In working with the Equibands a few days a week, I really battled with Dino's forward response. They are HARD work for him - imagine engaging all your core muscles like you're about to lift a heavy barbell. Now imagine someone's asked you to go for a jog while maintaining that posture and engagement. That's basically what working in the bands asks Dino to do, and while they made a big difference in his core engagement and posture, some days it was just tough to get him in front of the leg.  Check the ABS! And my disengaged seat. At the same time, my leg was starting to get really floppy in the sitting trot and I felt like I'd all of a sudden lost a lot of security in my seat. I did some work without stirrups an

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