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Inflation and Staying In the Middle

Despite my lack of writing about it, I've been doing a lot of riding. While we haven't had a lesson since the spring, I've been working hard on improving our dressage work and using feedback from shows to point the way forward.

Literally forward, since the lack of forward is what's been the most consistent comment on our tests.

Creating more energy in Dino has been the theme of our partnership for years, so as always I continue to try and find new and exciting ways to make that happen. So far, so good, and I've noticed improvements especially in the canter work, which has become a lot more self-sustaining as I make the effort to focus on cantering more and longer in schooling, trying to make my body feel like Charlotte Dujardin's looks, as well as adapting both Dino and I to the hot and humid summer weather. Since our last show, it's become a lot easier to do a full workout in the heat without either of us feeling like we're going to die. Jumping and t…

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