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Le Hot.

Sometimes I make really good choices about our competition schedule and carefully plan our horse trials to allow for the best possible performance by myself and my pony.

Other times I schedule two HT's on back to back weekends, the second one being on a Friday afternoon in an unseasonable heatwave, while being nearly-overwhelmed by work and personal goings-on, and also sign up to run a 5K the morning after that.

This is the story of that second scenario.

I really, reeeeeally wanted to finish up our qualification for the horse park's Friday Evening Eventing year-end-award series this month and then ease into the fall with a less frantic show schedule than we've been keeping so far this season. (7 horse trials, one schooling jumper/fun show, and one western show, if you're keeping track at home!) We've done a LOT this year and man has it been SO MUCH FUN, but I am more than ready to let off the throttle a bit. So I entered hoping that I could wrap up the points I ne…

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