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Long Lining: Horse Training, or Actual Magic?

Photos obviously not of long lining, but Sir was FEELNG HIMSELF last weekend!  It's been... actual years since I've long lined my pony.  While I learned to long line in college, I am not particularly good at it. Managing two lines plus a whip plus trying not to trip over anything and die while the horse I learned on made his best effort to bolt off into the sunset with me water-skiing behind him was... not a great experience for me. And while Dino is The Best Most Tolerant Pony Ever TM , our previous attempts at long lining left both of us confused and frustrated, and it wasn't really the helpful training tool I hoped it would be. I stuck with lunging in a chambon. Much easier.  But, when Ashley recommended that we do some long lining (and with the sparkly promise of maybe learning piaffe dangled in front of me), I dusted off my lines and surcingle and decided to give it the old college try.  Pls ignore me and instead check out this gorgeous, compact, powerful canter! True

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