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Muzzle Woes

Because he has Cushing's Disease, Dino needs to wear a grazing muzzle when he's out on pasture. His body can't handle as much sugar and starch as a normal horse's, and that makes him more prone to laminitis and founder. The muzzle restricts his intake to manageable levels, and keeps him safe and healthy.

That is, when he actually wears it.

Like all ponies, Dino is a devious little mastermind and has figured out how to remove his muzzle by rolling on his back and then rubbing the crown piece off over his ears. I've tried tightening it, and putting on a fly mask over the muzzle to add an extra layer he's got to get through/take off, but the little shit still gets it off on an almost daily basis. If Dino doesn't want to wear the muzzle, he doesn't wear the muzzle.

Short of duct taping it to his evil little face, I'm at a loss as to how to keep the thing on his head. He's going to find himself dry-lotted for the summer if he keeps this up!


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