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About a week or so ago, Dino and I made the move to a new barn that is not only a mere 7 minutes from my house,  but also boasts show-barn quality care (even for the field boarders!) AND gorgeous indoor and outdoor arenas. It is, hands down, the fanciest place I've ever boarded. I've been pinching myself daily to remember that yes, this is real. It's a major upgrade for us.

The move itself went as smoothly as possible, despite pulling into the farm just a few minutes before sunset. Dino made introductions with his new herdmates with great civility like the classy gentleman he is, and after some squealing and a very small amount of running around, all three of them settled down to graze. It was a zero-drama event, which is how I prefer my new herd introductions to go.

I managed to fit nearly the entirety of my embarrassingly large collection of tack into my allotted storage spaces, with the exception of my western saddle. I think it's going to have to live in the shed …

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