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Goals Conquered, New Horizons Ahead

I hope you all enjoyed my 10-year review! Now it's time to take a closer look at 2019, and start planning ahead for the rest of 2020: the things I aimed for, what we achieved, and the goals set before us in the new year.

So, what did I hope to accomplish in 2019, how did I do? Let's have a look...

Keep Dino fit, sound, happy, and healthy. As always, this is my #1 priority for the old man. CHECK! The old man is lookin' FINE as we head into what will be his 22nd year!Show at 1st Level at least 3 times. SUPER CHECK! We showed five times at First Level this past year, including qualifying for and competing in the Championship show for our local GMO, and ending the season with a big 3rd place ribbon! Continue to finesse bareback and bridleless work. Nailed it! I rode tackless a lot over the winter, and added cantering, trot-halt, and rein-back to our repertoire. It still continues to be one of Dino's and my favorite things to do.Trail ride and hunter pace as much as we can.…

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