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Bouncy Arms, Accordion Ribs, and Other Fun Things

Since the clinic last month, I've been working hard to try and replicate what I learned in my rides on my own. I could feel that there was a whole other level of better riding for me and better performance from Dino if I could just get my own body under control, and I really wanted to be able to access those amazing moments on my own.

It's been challenging, to say the least.

The first few rides on my own were fraught with tension. I was trying so, so hard to get everything in the right place, to remember the right timing of my aids, to do all the right things, and I was not doing a great job. Dino responded by hollowing his back, throwing his head in the air, and becoming rigid as a board. I was a little frustrated, but knew that figuring it out on my own was all part of the learning process, so I marched onward, making sure to give Dino lots of jumping and tackless days in between the intense dressage work to keep him from getting resentful about it.

Eventually, I realized t…

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