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LVDA Championship Show

Somehow, here we are in mid-September and my local GMO championship show has come and gone! We were in a lot of ways probably not as prepared for this show as we could have been, but we still came out and gave the best we could that day, and came home with a big ribbon and lots to improve on going forward.

Originally, the championship show only required competitors to ride Test 3 for their level, but when it came time to register the rules had changed to include Tests 2 & 3. I had decided after learning how trying a second test was for us at our last show that I would stick to one test a day for the forseeable future, but the rule change caused me to throw that plan out the window. So, we'd have to try and be as fit as possible, learn a new test, and try to balance preparing for competition with cementing everything we'd learned at the clinic just a few weeks prior.

It was a challenge, to say the least!

Toss in a more stressful than usual work week and some lost sleep a c…

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