My Horse Is Kind of A Jerk

Meet Charlie.

Hi, Charles!

Charlie is Dino's "best friend."

I put "best friend" in quotes because Charlie and Dino have a seriously dysfunctional relationship. Like, if Dino was a person, and Charlie was a friend of mine who was dating him, I'd tell Charlie to break up with that douchebag, ASAP.

Dino is pretty much an abusive boyfriend.

Charlie is just a big, lovable goon. He loves to hang out and play and is nice to everyone. But he LOVES Dino. Loves him. I'm pretty sure if I ever moved Dino away from Charlie, Charlie would shrivel up and die.

But as far as Dino is concerned... Charlie is barely tolerable. Chuck will come running up to Dino in turnout, saying something like, "DINO! HEY! HI! HI! HI THERE! WANNA PLAY? WANNA RUN AROUND? LET'S BUCK! OOOOH HEY! LET'S ROLL OVER HERE! DINO? DINOOOO! HI! HI! HI!"

And Dino will simply look at him, give poor Charlie the Stink Eye, and walk away.

"Cool it, kid. I'm not in the mood."

But, if any other horse tries to get close to Charlie, Dino goes into Psycho Boyfriend Mode and chases the other horse away from his beloved Chuckles.

See? Abusive boyfriend.

I think my pony needs therapy.


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