In Which Hell Freezes Over And I Ride My Pony

Yesterday, I actually got to ride my own pony.

We even cantered!

It was exciting.

Despite having approximately a million years off, Dino was really good. I'm getting upward transitions to trot AND canter primarily from my seat pretty consistently, which is rather amazing. I'm continuing to figure out how to reach back and grab his outside hind with my seatbone for the canter transition, and it's been a huge improvement in our communication. Our new buttons from the clinic are paying off! We just did some stretchy walk, trot, and canter, and worked a bit on nice prompt trot to canter transitions, and then ended by jumping a little 18" picnic bench on a small circle. I didn't want to over-do it and make the pony too sore after his mini-vacation.

I also tried out my new spurs:

They are Centaur Knob End Spurs, and are quite a bit more pokey than my little nubbin Tom Thumbs, which Dr. Jenny so lovingly called "those things you call spurs."

Dr. Jenny. This one's for you. I got bigger spurs!

Ironically I didn't really have to use them; since Dino's had such a long break I was just going for moving forward and keeping him attentive, and not any actual collection or lateral work. But he did seem pretty happy about them being there, maybe because the sides are smooth metal and not rubber like my old spurs, which can tend to rub and catch on his coat. In any case, so far so good with the Knob End spurs. And the Centaur brand seems to be pretty decent quality as well; they are nice, solid, stainless steel spurs that fit well and are shaped nicely. Nothing groundbreaking, but I think they will do the job just fine.

Here's hoping for at least one more ride before we get pounded with snow again.


  1. The weather here is miserable ... and I'm finding it tough to motivate myself to get out to the barn as much as I should, so kudos to you :-)

    1. It's been awful! I'm usually there on a near-daily basis to work anyway, so I'm just constantly stomping around in the ring to check the footing, and if it's decent, I hop on! Gotta ride when the opportunity presents itself.


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