Christmas Cheer

I hope everyone out there had a fantastic Christmas! We sure did.

Michael and I had a whirlwind celebration with both of our families; beginning with church on Christmas Eve, and continuing on to family dinner, Christmas morning breakfast, LOTS of presents, and a massive Italian-style Christmas dinner.

It was awesome.

This year, I was so blown away by the love of our families, expressed through both gift-giving and time spent with each other. It was so funny to open gifts and have to goad each other to actually unwrap something, since everyone wanted to see all of the others open their presents more than they wanted to open their own gifts! The presents given were also all so thoughtful, and were chosen with care for each person. As boxes were unwrapped, a pile of each person's personality and passions began to emerge on the living room floor.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were also times when you could literally "feel the love" in the room. I feel so, so blessed to be a part of two families that love each other so unconditionally, and cherish time together. There never seems to be enough time to spend with everyone. We returned home last night with full bellies, full hearts, and big smiles.

And my AMAZING family also got me some absolutely FABULOUS horsey gifts! I have a large bag of stuff sitting by the door and waiting to be taken to the barn later today. Expect some PONY'TUDE Approved posts on:

  • Kerrits Sit Tight 'N Warm Full Seat Breeches
  • Cashel Western Tush Cushion
  • Roeckel Chester Gloves
  • Dover Clipper Bag
  • Ariat Highland Vest
  • Centaur Knob-End Spurs
And I also got this book:

Best. Christmas. Ever.


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    1. YOU HAVE NO IDEA. It's like someone wrote a book just for me and my obsession with bizzare poultry. My mom knows me so well.

  2. Haha that chicken! Let me know how you like the Roeckel gloves, I am a glove whore and have been interested in those for a while.


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