Christmas Miracle

By Sunday afternoon the freakishly-warm weather here in PA finally melted all of the ice and snow at the farm, and I got to ride my pony.

I think I saw a pig flying, somewhere.

The arena was pretty much a giant lake, but after almost 2 weeks of everything being frozen solid and slippery, I wasn't about to let a little water prevent me from riding.

We had a super-basic hack; just walk-trot-canter on a loose rein with the goal of getting Dino moving forward and stretching. I'm happy to say we accomplished our goal, and Dino was moving nicely off my seat after just a few reminders. After that I did some "spring" cleaning in the super-warm weather; cleaning pony's grazing muzzle & turnout halter so they can be put away until the grass grows back.

Today, of course, it is pouring cats and dogs, and it doesn't look like I will get much done aside from maybe grooming and feeding treats.

Perhaps I will work on my tail-braiding skills this winter, since riding is clearly not going to happen all that frequently...

But in the meantime, Merry Christmas to all of my friends out there on the interwebs!


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