What We Do During A Polar Vortex

I can haz snuggles?

Does anyone find it totally ridiculous and kind of awesome that they are calling this cold snap a POLAR VORTEX?

It sounds like the name of a James Bond villain or something.

In any case, I've been spending a lot more time inside than at the barn over the past week, and I'm okay with that. When the wind chill is -22, inside is good. Very good. A roaring fire in the wood stove and a snuggly dog is even better.

I've been, naturally, obsessing about Dino's Puffy Leg and doing my best to resist posting about it on the COTH forums, where someone will undoubtably tell me he has cellulitis and is going to die from a raging infection. He is still, probably, fine.

I've been looking over the Training 1 & 2 dressage tests in preparation for the schooling show in February. If I get to ride my pony more than twice in the next month, we should be good to go as far as the show is concerned.

I've been making a massive mess of my kitchen, most recently in this morning's mad dash to get dinner in the crock pot so it could cook for 10 hours. Mmm, venison stew.

I've been yelling at the two deer that have decided it's cool to raid my bird feeder on a daily basis. My neighbors probably think I'm a total nut case. If they don't quit eating all the bird seed soon, they're next in my stew pot, for serious.

I haven't been watching the George Morris training sessions, because it will make me depressed that I can't really ride right now, but they're on my "to do" list for sure.

And I've been working.

My life is terribly exciting, as you can see.


  1. Sounds about as exciting as mine! Haha

  2. Can't get over that cute nose. Any further along in the cloning process? ;)

    1. I'll let you know when we have a clone for you! haha

  3. I too find the term both ridiculous and awesome.

    1. There is a buzzfeed thing out that has something like 15 things that should really be called a Polar Vortex. It's hilarious, you should look it up!

  4. Replies
    1. The deer are getting out of control. They've gotten to the point where they just stand there and stare at me for a while, and not even Max barking like a raving lunatic seems to bother them. I'm going to have to start throwing snowballs at them.


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