Idle Hooves Are The Devil's Tools

Can we get back to this, please?

Homeboy SO needs to get back to work, STAT.

I don't even know how long he's been off for at this point; between the Polar Vortex, the Weird Leg Thing, and Generally Awful Weather, but it's been a while, and he is bored.

So very, very bored.

So bored that yesterday Dino actually attempted to spin around in the crossties, an irritating vice that he hasn't tried to pull off in literally over 2 years. He's also become seriously irritating, in-your-face, and wanting to put everything in sight in his mouth.

What a nudge.

Miracle of miracles, I actually managed to ride my pony yesterday. The footing wasn't frozen OR totally water-logged, and there wasn't any sort of precipitation going on, so I leapt at the chance to ride my noble steed.

Noble Steed was actually quite pleased to be back in action, and his thoughts on the whole ride can be summed up in one word: "WHEEEEEEEE!!!"

We just did some very simple flatwork, w/t/c with big circles to warm up, some canter poles here and there, and then I ran through our T1 dressage test. The test more resembled me attempting to keep my pony from galloping off than actual dressage, but it was nice to see Dino so enthusiastic about working.

Here's to putting all that mental energy back to good use!


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