Game Face On

Our first horse trial of the season is on Sunday, and I am PUMPED!

I have to say, it's a great feeling to be excited about a show vs. trying to control my abject terror.

After our empowering jumping lesson and incredible rounds at the jumper show last weekend, I am feeling very ready to tackle Burgundy Hollow, and validated in my choice to use this particular venue as the first outing of our eventing season. Considering how hot it's going to be on Sunday, I'm very thankful for the typically-short XC course at Burgundy.

As always, I have a few goals in mind for this competition:

  • Finish with a number, not a letter
Yep, that's pretty much all I have to achieve here to count this show a success, but I'm also going to shoot for scoring 35 or under in dressage, and finishing on that score. I KNOW we are more than capable, and I just need to maintain my grit & focus to get it done. 

Plus, you know, pretty ribbons would be nice. 

In the dressage I need to remember to be bold and firm about asking Dino to hold himself up, and put the pressure on him to meet me in the middle. If I can prepare well for my canter departs with a little leg yield and a solid half-halt, I think we have the potential to score very well. 

When it comes to show jumping, as always, forward and attackative is the name of the game! I need to keep the pace moving and look forward through the turns, using my inside rein to help Dino balance. 

On cross country, the plan is to ride as strongly as possible until Dino settles into his pulling-me-to-the-fences gallop, and then pretty much just not touch his face from there on out. Lots of leg, keeping my eyes up, and balancing him to the fences in a FORWARD manner will get us through the course. Over, Under, or Through, stopping is not an option! I will NOT have XC penalties this season! 

Let's do this! 


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