A Teachable Moment

Severely awkward shedding is giving way to surprise DAPPLES! 
As a rule, I generally don't let Dino stand around completely immobile for long periods of time while riding him. "Long" being any more than 10 seconds. Past that point, I'm sure to encounter Mr. Hyde when I finally ask him to get moving again.

But yesterday, a friend stopped by to say hi while I was riding, and we ended up chatting for somewhere around 15-20 minutes.

During that time, Dino all but fell completely asleep.

Head down, eyes half closed, and one hind leg cocked, he was definitely not thinking about anything remotely related to work.

Unluckily for Dino, I had plans to interrupt his naptime. A Teachable Moment had fallen right into my lap! That day we were going to learn about going back to work like a polite pony after taking a long break.

Armed with trusty Mr. Whippy and the expectation that when I said Go, Dino would, indeed, Go, I picked up the reins and asked him to walk off away from the barn.

While a little sticky off my leg for the first few strides, Dino Went.

He Went on the bit. He Went when I said trot. He even Went when I said canter, staying on the bit and light in my hand without having to be chased or nagged.

I was flabbergasted.

After a few trips around the field in each direction at the walk, trot, and canter (lovely and round, I might add!), I asked Dino to halt and jumped off.

He had learned everything I wanted him to from our little Teachable Moment.

Good Pony.

"Yes, that iz me, the Good Pony. Plz to deposit snax in mouf."


  1. Yay Dino stepping up to the plate :)

  2. all the work is paying off!

  3. Him being teachable means you have been doing the teaching. :-) Well done.

  4. I love these! I have to admit that I'm not always good at seeing these as teachable moments so this is a great reminder!

  5. Ha I knew one horse that needed that teachable moment every ride, usually more than once. God bless lesson ponies.....

  6. Trusty Mr. Whippy! LOL I love that. Several of the western trainers I know do this exact thing on purpose. In the middle of their ride, they'll stop and sit in the center of the arena and return some phone calls. Then they get back to work!

  7. Good dude! Houston struggles with this too. Admittedly sometimes I even struggle riding well after a break or stopping mid lesson.


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