We all know that Emma of FraidyCat Eventing is one of the kindest, most positive, most encouraging, sunny people out there on the interwebs, and she and her fab little horse Isabel are currently totally dominating at BN everywhere they go.

I'm happy to report that she is JUST as lovely in person as she is online! 

Weenie Eventers Unite! 
I just so happened to be grooming for a friend at Fair Hill on Saturday, where Emma and the incomparable Isabel were competing. Unfortunately Emma's ride times didn't quite line up with our schedule, so I didn't get to see her ride (Boo!) but we did get a chance to hang out ringside for a while and watch one of her teammates rock around the stadium course. 

It's always SO fun to meet other bloggers, and it was even more fun to meet Emma, who I feel like I've already known forever! We're planning some horseback adventures together in the future, so stay tuned for some wild times with our red-headed midget equines! 


  1. yay so glad we could catch up at fair hill!! and we are super pumped for all the fun stuff to come :D. our little red ponies are gonna take the world by storm!

  2. OMG so jealous. Blogger meetups are the best!!

  3. Jealous! But glad you guys had a good meetup!

  4. How fun! Green with envy here

  5. Fun!! Hooray blogger meetup!


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