The Owls Approve Blog Hop: Fail

We know what makes Thunderhooves happy, but what does he hate to do?  Let's not ignore those times that you have whip out all the tricks or pharmaceuticals for grooming.

When it comes to things that Dino Strongly Dislikes, it's not so much a particular activity as it is performing activities when he Doesn't Want To. 

"I decline to participate."  - Dino on Nearly Everything
Oh sure, he can be the world's greatest dressage pony, eat a jumper course for breakfast, and basically be an all-around Rock Star. 

But if Dino doesn't want to?

Good luck. 

His go-to evasion is simply to ignore you. Completely. He will pretend that he is not a Well-Trained, Broke Pony and that he has absolutely No Idea what you are asking him to do. Because if Dino isn't mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and gastrointestinally ready to to perform on His Terms, it ain't happening. 

Oh you can kick, and spur, and whip, and cajole, and bargain, and bribe, and cry a little, but if Dino Doesn't Wanna, you won't get anywhere. He works on his own timeline, and that's just the way it is. 


  1. Love this! He's got a soul mate in my Bridget pony.

  2. oh Dino - haha his expressions in those pics are priceless. my mare will get a similar indignant expression - but she'll almost always comply with enough pressure

  3. I'm sorry to giggle, that must be so frustrating, but I can't help it. That's too funny!


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