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Defining the Relationship

Snookum-ukums, where do you see this going?  

Let's be realistic.  What's the plan with your pony?  Is it a five-year investment with a return, is it until you move up beyond the Kin's abilities, or is it forever*?

Anyone who knows Dino's and my story knows that he is my forever pony.

In part because, let's face it, he would be a tough one to find another home for. He's not suitable to be a child's show pony, and while he is quiet and sensible as the day is long, he's not an easy ride and isn't great for kids to learn on. He'll be 17 this year, he has Cushing's & PSSM, and requires a specialized diet and daily (expensive) medication. Don't you just want to snap him up!?

The other reason why Dino is going to be with me for the rest of his life is because he's my meant-to-be soulmate on four hooves. We have a very special relationship, and a long time ago I made a promise to him that I would care for him forever. I intend to keep that promise. 


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