Yesterday it was stupid-windy up at the barn.

The barn sits on the top of a hill, and the wind that gusts across it is truly remarkable. I was almost not going to ride, but after looking at the dismal weather forecast for the rest of the week, I decided I may as well go for a spin and try to get something done.

Despite the unnerving sound of the barn about to be blown to pieces, I tacked up and hopped on my pony. Dino was none too pleased with his working conditions! He gave me one little spook, but after that was just Mr. Snarkypants about going to work.

I don't know if it was a combination of being a little sore from spring shots the day before, the wind (he hates wind), not having peed before our ride (he HAS to pee, every time), or feeling a little ulcery (the vet recommended I do a round of Sucralfate to help him get back to work comfortably), but Dino was just NOT having it yesterday.

I got him into a western-pleasure shuffle, and then once I attempted some walk-trot transitions to help liven him up, Dino went into full-on tantrum mode. Foot-planting, ears back, tail swishing, angry-face TANTRUM! There were several long periods of shoulder-whacking with Mr. Sticky, after which Dino would bounce into a nice little trot, and then throw a fit when I asked him to walk and then trot again.

While it was very, very tempting to totally lose my temper or give up completely and get off, I just kept at him with the annoying shoulder-whack and pony-rider leg thump. Eventually, Dino relented, and even snorted and chewed and relaxed into the trot. I was getting up and down transitions with just light seat and leg aids. Success! It wasn't dressage-test-winning work by any means, but when your pony comes out with that kind of 'tude, just getting the brain back is a victory.

We ended with some decent work on the bit, and even did a little canter! EuroPony was even sporting some lovely green lipstick by the end of the ride:

I think he's telling me he wants to start jumping little jumps again!


  1. Oh Dino. Nothing quite like bringing them back in to work, is there?

  2. Must have been a Red Boy issue day. I hopped on Roscoe bareback in the wind and had a tough time getting him into work mode. Resorted to moving his parts to feel like we accomplished something. It always feels good to end with your pony on the same track as you.

    1. YES! Getting a stubborn pony into work mode is so, so hard when the stars do not align to their liking!

    2. Are you SURE we don't own the same horse??? http://floppyammy.blogspot.com/2015/03/change-is-hard-yall.html

  3. Whenever Darwin has been a little ulcery (is that a word? I'm making it a word) in the past I've added aloe vera juice to his grain. It really seemed to help! Within 7-10 days the girthiness, tail swishing, ear pinning, teeth grinding stopped. :)

  4. Yes. Getting the brain back is always the biggest victory. I was going to write about that recently ... then life slapped the idea right out of my head. Life is abusive like that.

  5. aww is it terrible to kinda think snarky ponies are adorable?? (thinking that probably just makes them more snarky... oh well too bad)... glad you were able to sort it out!


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