Muscle Monday

New Sneaks = Motivation to get my ass in gear
So instead of my rather neglected Weigh-In Wednesday posts, we're doing Muscle Monday today.

Over the past few weeks I've been doing pretty ok on the diet front - I've definitely fallen off the wagon once in a while; having a beer on a weekday after a particularly stressful day, or enjoying a piece of ice cream cake on my friend's birthday. But overall I'm sticking to good habits, not overeating, and avoiding an excess of carbs and sugar on a daily basis.

In terms of exercise, I've been keeping up with at least a short daily workout, and even started running again now that the sidewalks and road shoulders aren't completely covered in snowbanks.

But GUYS. I am so not running or riding fit right now. I probably went about a measly 2 miles the other day, and the next day my entire body just hurt. Everywhere. How can running hurt my abs more than actual ab exercises?! And now that I'm actually riding my pony again (YAY), I shortened my stirrups up to jumping length the other day and attempted some 2-point.



My thighs were not ok with that.

Overall, my position feels weak and sloppy and I feel like I've lost SO much body control over the winter. It's a little disappointing to start off the season feeling like a floppy beginner, even though logic tells me that both Dino and I will be fit again in no time.

EuroPony has a lot of catching up to do, too, and I can feel that he definitely isn't even close to his peak fitness after a couple months off. I've started letting him jump little fences - 2' tops - to break up our getting-in-shape flatwork, and homeboy really appreciates it! Our flatwork is pretty gross, however, and I'm frustrated that we aren't right where we left off in the fall. But, the only thing to do is keep on keepin' on, and eventually we'll both be muscled up again.


  1. Yay! You can do it!!

    Running hurts your abs when you don't have the other muscles built up to sustain it. When I ran track, we always made sure we had strong abs. When you tire, your abs are often the last thing you can call on to keep you upright and "falling" into your stride. That said, "falling" into your stride isn't really good for your joints, so get working! ;) What helps me get back into running shape is actually short circuit exercises that work my leg muscles, like air squats, lunges, and burpees, You can do 3 sets of 5-10 of those anywhere and anytime, and they'll go a long way towards increasing your strength and running ability. Plus, the explosive muscle power you'll build through doing burpees will help increase your speed!

    1. So, basically my abs hurt because my legs are weak? It makes sense! I have been doing tons of squats & burpees, actually! Apparently I need to do more. :)

  2. If you ever want to trailer down to go for long trot sets in The Laurels together, that would be rad! It's 100's of acres of preserved land with great footing to ride on!

  3. Wow, you are so motivated.... I feel like I should start running again, though the extra 30 mins sleep seems so much better when you are in cozy sheets. lol

  4. So hard to come back after inconsistent riding and realize things aren't the same. Y'all will get it back in no time!

  5. A lady at my barn started running to get riding fit and then had a stress fracture in her foot. Yikes. I need my stupid knee to stop hurting because Ries and I were at a good point and I had just started a new workout routine.

  6. I feel your pain. I decided to start running last week and I did a mile and my body was like oh hell no. My dog felt the same, which made me feel slightly better about myself ;).

    After inconsistent riding for last, oh I don't know, 3 years I feel like the sloppiest beginner ever. So depressing, but I guess you have to start somewhere! You'll be back in shape in no time!

  7. yea getting back into it really kinda sucks - esp when mentally you know how to do a thing, but your body is just like, uhhh nope no can do... good luck tho - it'll come back sooner than you think :)


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