PONY'TUDE Approved - Jamberry Nail Wraps Part 1

While I love having my nails painted in fun, bright colors, riding and taking care of horses makes it nearly impossible to keep my hands looking nice. I have thick, permanent calluses on my palms and fingers, I've always got new cuts and scrapes, and even my best efforts at a home manicure are destroyed in a matter of days, and sometimes hours, at the barn. I've heard good things about the gel manicures, but honestly when you own a horse, there's no money for a $30 mani!

Enter my friend Meg. Meg recently started selling Jamberry Nail Wraps, and I'd seen her post lots of pictures of the neat designs on Facebook, but never really gave them a second thought. I commented to her one day that I would love to find a barn-proof way to have fun-colored nails, and she immediately offered to send me a sample of the nail wraps to see if they passed muster. They were purportedly easy to put on, durable, and quicker to apply than normal nail polish. I was intrigued, but would the nail wraps hold up to the hype?

The wraps come on a clear backing, making it easy to discern which size to use on each nail. I chose this blue and white lattice pattern, since I only had one finger to work with and I could easily match a solid color polish to paint the rest of my nails with. Having both a Jamberry wrap and normal nail polish on the same hand will also be a great comparison test of durability.

My first impressions were that the wraps seem like a quality product. They don't have a cheap or flimsy feel to them, and the colors and patterns have a bright, clean look.

Putting them on definitely entails a bit of a learning curve, however! Essentially you heat the wraps with a hair dryer and then stick them on your nails, then heating and pressing again to cure the adhesive to the nail. I would not necessarily say that the process is easier than applying nail polish - the wraps are VERY sticky once heated, and once you have one even somewhat stuck to your nail, it's staying there. There is not a very large margin for error in placement! You can see that in my first attempt the edges of the nail wrap were not quite flush to the cuticle, and they definitely 'overflow' the nail bed. Maybe I also just should have used a larger fingernail. Using scissors to trim the wraps using my non-dominant hand was also HARD, y'all. That will take some practice.

However, I will say that I really like the fact that there is NO drying time involved - once the nail wraps are on you can go about your business and not have to worry about smudging or smearing. THAT is pretty great - one of the biggest obstacles to doing my nails regularly is not having over an hour to sit there and not touch anything.

I really do like the look of the wraps - they seriously look like a professional did my nails - and once I learn how to put them on better, the look will be even cleaner.

The weather is supposedly going to start warming up this weekend, and I'll be back at the barn doing stalls, grooming, and maybe even doing a little riding, so these Jamberry Nail Wraps will be run through the gauntlet! Stay tuned to see how they hold up!


  1. I'm excited to see how those last, I've seen some friends on facebook with them and have wondered how they would do in the barn?

    1. If they are more durable than regular nail polish the could definitely be a game-changer! Plus um, COOL NAIL DESIGNS IN YOUR XC COLORS AMIRIGHT?!

    2. The Sally Hanson ones are WAYYY more lasting than regular nail polish.

  2. Verrrrry interested in seeing how these hold up to your daily horse work :)

  3. Curious how they hold up! I do my nails rarely as I have a hard time keeping them long enough to look nice with polish.

  4. I use these but a different brand. I found the Jamberries harder to apply, the Sally Hanson ones are cheaper (in Canada) and super easy to use. They last about 3-4 weeks with heavy barn use. Love them!

  5. Very interested to see how they work out - have had no luck in finding non-chip equestrian-friendly nail polishes. Do these also protect your nails?


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