Your Horse Wants One. Trust Me.

I talked to your horse. He told me something.


And he wants one from Paula Shea, certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist.

Just like you, your horse periodically experiences physical stress, soreness, muscle tightness, and knots. If you ride or drive your horse, you know it's important to keep him feeling his best so he can give you 100%.

That's where Paula and her skilled hands come in. Using various massage techniques, she pinpoints areas of tightness and knots and gently works them out until your horse's whole body is feeling loose and relaxed. Dino can testify that a massage from Paula is an awesome thing, and he felt absolutely fantastic afterwards. Sports massage is a wonderful non-invasive therapy option to help keep your horse feeling good and performing at his best.

And, at $50 a pop, massage is something most owners can afford to make a part of their horse's regular maintenance schedule. Paula also offers multiple-horse discounts, so get your friends together and have a massage day for your horses!

If you live in Eastern PA or Western NJ and are interested in having your horse massaged by Paula, contact her at:

Your horse will thank you!


  1. Digby lovesss his massages :) And $50 is cheaper than what I'm paying... Hmm!

  2. Rachel and "The Punisher"March 20, 2012 at 7:55 PM

    Toby loved his massage from Paula! He wants another sometime soon...


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