We Love Pergolide

Dino has been on Pergolide and a special diet for quite a while now, and he's never been better. Case in point, we now have consistent, appropriate sweat:

Check it out! Even Dino's EYEBROWS were sweating after our ride the other day! And this is WITHOUT OneAC, the supplement I put him on last spring to help with sweating. As the drugs help balance out his hormonal system, everything is getting back in order. He's also started shedding much earlier and much more than last year. While I still haven't gotten a curry full of hair, his whole body is starting to let loose and I can produce a sprinkling of chestnut fluff just by scratching his shoulders or neck. I just hope he decides to blow his coat sooner rather than later, the 70 degree weather does no favors for ponies who still have their winter coats!


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