Now that Dino is actually shedding like a somewhat normal pony, I need to share my favorite grooming tool with the blogosphere.

This is the Epona Shed Flower, and it rocks my pony-grooming world.

This cute little tool is basically a flower-shaped plastic shedding blade. You can use it like a regular curry in circular motions (not on legs or face, please!), or like a shedding blade, pulling in the direction of the hair growth, or scrub with it like a crazy person in all directions. This thing WORKS. Your horse's hair will be flying out and clinging to your arms when you attack them with the Shed Flower. In my opinion it works better than every other curry, jelly scrubber, or shedding blade that I've used. I especially like it at this stage in Dino's shedding, before his body has gone gung-ho and he's leaving clumps of hair everywhere. And since the Shed Flower can be used like a traditional currycomb, it also helps stimulate your horse's circulation and produce a shiny coat. There's nothing not to like about this tool! Except if you're a guy, yes, it is kind of feminine-looking, but it DOES come in manly colors like green and blue! The Shed Flower will also only put you out about $5, so there's really no excuse not to get one if you want to help your horse shed out faster!


  1. I used this on my yearlings at work and I LOVEEE IT! It is seriously good to use for shedding, on sweat marks (we can't bathe the babies so... sweat is hard to get rid of sometimes) and for general shine. I just ignore that it's a girly flower. I did get a blue one to make up for it :) It's an awesome tool to have in your grooming box.

  2. neat! I haven't seen that....it looks like a cookie cutter, hahah. I want one now...Timmy is shedding like nuts


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