See Pony. See Pony Jump.

Today I had another Cassie torture sess- I meannn lesson. And it was great.

Even after only three weeks of concentrating on my position and doing some painful no-stirrup work, I can feel my position getting stronger. I've really been trying to focus on stretching my legs down and around Dino's barrel instead of scrunching them up, and keeping my seat nice and soft to encourage him to go forward. I still have improvement to make in order to be where I want to be, but Cassie's encouragement and the way she kindly forces me to ride in two-point at the trot without stirrups are already making a difference.

Dino has been doing absolutely fabulously, and I couldn't be happier with him. I can't stop thinking about the fact that at one point I thought I might never be able to ride him again, and here he is today jumping around like a pro.

And now... I bring you videos! A few things before we watch:

My leg needs some work. My heels are not where I want them to be and I've noticed a habit of landing a bit on my toe after the fences. I'm working hard on my equitation and hopefully that will improve soon! I also see myself getting a bit "snappy" over the jumps at times, but again, all that gives us goals to work for. Overall I thought today's jump school was balanced and productive, and gave Dino and I some practice getting in synch with each other and seeing the same distances.



  1. Eeee!! :) Go DINO GO! I'm such a proud ex-mother :)

  2. ahhh thank you Becky!! it helps that he loves to jump :) i have to put up a flatwork video next! you'll fall over. :)


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