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Selfies, always selfies. 
I don't know about anyone else, but for me it seems like the show season this year just can't get started!

The rain here in Pennsylvania just won't quit, which makes keeping a regular schedule challenging for us, and I just feel so far behind and so not ready to get out there and do any kind of showing. I've jumped all of two times so far this spring, and my anxiety is definitely running the show in that regard. At this point in the game I've mentally thrown in the towel when it comes to the idea of showing over fences until the fall this year, and while it's disappointing to be so far behind where we were in our jumping compared to last year, I'm okay with it. We had an absolutely phenomenal show season last year, and with all of the other changes going on in my life I'm happy to putz around over little jumps at home and work on our dressage this year. Dino certainly doesn't care much either way. 

Speaking of dressage, despite the slow start to the year I'm getting more and more excited to get our feet wet at First Level next month. Dino gave me some really fantastic trot and canter lengthenings in schooling this week, and the leg yeilds are starting to feel more balanced and through. It's amazing how much easier it is to ask for changes in bend and lateral movements when I have so much more leg to work with riding in my dressage saddle. Dino's been going very well in it, too, and as he gets fitter little by little he's holding a better connection and curling behind the bit less and less. Good things are happening, if slowly, and I'm eager to get a few lessons in before we kick off our late, low-key show season at the end of June.

Also on the docket for this summer are a handful of hunter paces and a jumping clinic with Sara Gumbiner in July, which should hopefully be a lot of fun and not at all nerve-wracking! Sara is actually a former IHSA teammate and college classmate of mine, but clearly she's far surpassed me in riding skill and talent! She's a fantastic person and a great rider, and I'm looking forward to gleaning some insight from her now that she's a hot shot 4* rider. If things ever dry out here, I'd like to get out XC schooling with friends, too, even if just to trot some baby logs and get my sea legs back. 

While a part of me feels a little left out as all of my friends head out to shows and events, a bigger part is really enjoying the slower, less frantic pace of 2018. We're not out there kicking ass and taking names every weekend, but I'm having a pretty good time just enjoying my pony every day. 


  1. This spring has been so hard weather wise, there’s no way we would get anything done without an arena!! So exciting tho that Dino is doing so well on the flat, I can’t wait to hear about your upcoming dressage shows! And all the rest will come too. I’m sure once this weather settles down and we get some good ground again you’ll be surprised how quickly things fall into place!!

  2. this weather is gloomy as eff. UGH. Sounds like you have a plan in motion.And i am looking forward to hearing all about Dino's adventures in Dressageland :)

  3. I've really taken a much more laid back attitude about showing this year and I'm loving it so far. It's such a treat to be able to come out day in and day out and enjoy my horse at home!

  4. I relate so hard to you here. I'm feeling a bit jealous of everyone out there competing, but as this is my third showless season, I'm just looking forward to having some fun with the horses! I can't ride any of my own right now, but I have a good friend letting me play with her horse, and it's been SO FUN! I'm sure whatever adventures you get to with Dino, you will both have a blast!


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