It's been proven time and again that horses are addictive. Those of us afflicted with the disease of equine addiction just can't keep ourselves away. And while my primary drug of choice is and always will be horses, since I've taken a break from intense showing this year something else has crept into my needy heart that I can't quite seem to pull myself away from.

In lieu of horse shows I've been running races, and I can't stop.

This is me, literally not stopping.
A 5K race has many of the same hallmarks as a horse show: the anticipation ramping up the week before, the thrill of standing behind the start line waiting for the gun, body full of electric energy. The sense towards the middle of the race that you may, actually, die. Pushing on from that feeling of potential death and digging deep to finish better and faster than you did the last time until you fly over the finish line and almost fall over because your legs just don't know how to stop moving anymore.

It's terrible and wonderful and just like horse shows, at the end of it all when I'm sore and tired and sweaty, walking wobbly back to my car after checking times I find myself thinking, "WHEN'S THE NEXT ONE!?"

This whole thing started with Amy, who owns the dog walking company I work for on the side. She's a dedicated runner and half-marathon-finisher, and asked me to come with her to a race last fall. Because I'm a good friend and figured I would probably be able to run 3 miles and not perish, I said yes. I ran the race. I had a good time.

Amy kept asking me to run races.

I kept saying yes.

I've run three so far this year, and it's only June.

Last week I PR'd with my fastest time yet, blazing past that confused-looking dude in the photo above. I want to get even faster, and I'm officially one of those insane people who gets up at 5 in the morning to run.

It seems that even if I keep myself away from horse shows, I can't keep myself away from some kind of athletic competition. If I'm not working towards the next horse trial, I've got to be working towards the next race. It's an addiction, and not one I'm keen on kicking any time soon.


  1. you be crazy :) LOL. I have run some 5ks and before I got the heel spur I liked doing them. But I picked and chose the ones I went to due to some courses being harder on my knees. But since the heel spur I stopped running. I need to find a gym and possibly kickboxing in TN but I think my running days are behind me. Glad you are enjoying it! RUN ALI RUN :)

  2. i ran one 5k and i totally phoned it in, its too much like running fast which sounds like terrible work. blech.

    good for you!!!

  3. I tried to get into running and for a while I did actually enjoy it, but with my migraines and concussions, it just became too hard. I didn't like everything rattling around in my skull. I guess that's a good enough reason? Still, it was good exercise... Oh well, that was a different life of a couple years ago.

  4. I was super into running for awhile too! It's great for your riding; you gain a lot of strength and stamina. I also really enjoy running races, but honestly, I hate the actual running part. I've been having a hard time getting back into it, though I honestly do really want to. You should try a half next!

  5. Yaaaaaay! I ran competitively my whole life until I discovered CrossFit. It is definitely addicting. So happy for you!

  6. that's awesome! goals, man. working for them, sweating for them, and then crushing them - there's nothing quite so rewarding! esp when it comes to goals that really require that full physical effort! glad you're loving it so much!

    i had a running habit for a couple years (nothing serious, just post-work treadmill type stuff) that i really liked, but stopped after a chronic inflammation in the arch of my foot. sometimes i miss it, but haven't been able to pick it back up again either.

  7. Running is addictive! I'm glad you found another great/fun/healthy outlet!


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