Too Legit To Quit

Last year, Dino and I discovered foxhunting.

And we are addicted.

While we didn't really need much additional gear in order to participate, I did invest in an excellent non-slip shaped saddle pad, and the next item on my list to acquire was a tweed coat.

My old show coat was just not cutting it in the hunt field. It isn't very warm, it's too close-fitting to wear many layers under on cold mornings, and the smooth fabric is prone to developing snags when riding through brush and closely wooded areas. Plus, I stick out a bit on informal days as the only one not in an earthy-colored, rich-textured coat.

So I scoured the internet and hemmed and hawed and didn't buy anything for a long time, because I'm terrible at spending money, and it was hard to find a coat I really loved that didn't have an exorbitant price tag.

But then we actually got money BACK from our taxes this year, and I pulled the trigger!

I bought my tweed from The Hunting Shop, a UK-based store that carries TONS of new and used foxhunting gear. They provide detailed measurements of each piece so that you can accurately estimate fit without trying anything on. The customer service was fantastic, and I paid just under $150 for a beautiful, lightly-used coat including overseas shipping.

And after a week or so of anxiously stalking the tracking number online, it came, and it's perfect!

You know you love the lime green shower curtain.

I also upgraded to the iPhone 7, so get ready for much higher quality ridiculous selfies.

This color is going to look gorgeous with my chestnut pony!
I'm in love, and it feels so good to have proper attire for my new favorite sport! Now all I need is a coordinating stock tie and I'll be perfectly outfitted for cubbing season!


  1. WOW that looks AWESOME on you! I love it! Congrats!

  2. looks like it was made for you! you and Dino are gonna look so freakin fabulous out in the field!!!

  3. OMG, that coat. looks like it'll be nice and warm for those chilly hunts as well.
    You should get a wool vest next!!

  4. So legit! I love the look of tweed!

  5. it looks amazing!! YAY. it will look GREAT on a certain chestnut pony I know (Would look good on a buckskin too) LOVE THE COLOR (ahem not so much the shower curtain but hey mine has dachsies on it so who am I to judge HA). Great job and YAY on upgrading the phone. Got my dad (who is 82 wtf) the 6s at xmas and i am still on the 6 but I use his to grab photos when i can (So am sure your 7 will be fantastic for blogging needs)! I am a hunting idiot when does hunting stop and start again?

    1. It starts at the end of summer and goes til the end of winter :)

  6. Wow- that is beautiful. I would wear that to work too....

  7. Beautiful! My barn manager just got her colors this year, and her coat looks soooo cool with the fancy new collar.

  8. Oooo! You did good! That coat is gorgeous, and the fit is perfect!

  9. Ooo you look so smart in that coat!


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