Rice Bran Is The Devil

Dino the teacher. Love. 

Hello, friends!

Why does time pass so much more quickly in the blogosphere than in real life?! I haven't been away from the blog all that long (maybe a week?) but it feels like ages since I've posted. I need a science person to come up with the Theory of Internet Time Relativity. 


When we last left our heroes, they were sussing out the source of Dino's not-quite-right overall stiffness, soreness, and "ick". 

Upon learning that the rice bran he'd been getting a few times a week has about twice the NSC content of his regular, super-special low-NSC high-fat feed, I pulled him off that stuff right quick! 

It's now been about a week since Dino has had any rice bran, and the change in his body is really striking. I've worked him up from very very easy flat rides and hacks to a more "normal" dressage school on Sunday, and he feels GREAT.  So much more willing to step under and come on the bit, not bracing on my hands as much, stretching over his back, and I can actually feel his hind legs vs. vaguely sensing them somewhere out behind us. 

All good things.

WonderPony was also a great sport over the weekend and gave my very dear friend a lesson, and carried her around on a lovely hack afterwards. He was so, so kind to my novice friend and helped her learn all about a balanced lower leg position, changing speed with the seat, and even took her over a few small crossrails. It was the highlight of my life while riding Windows on our hack afterwards, to look back to check on her and see her grinning ear-to-ear. 

That, my friends, is the good life! 

This week has been totally sporadic in terms of riding, since I've been a bit tied to my work computer all day and by the time I get done, it's already dark out, and we don't have lights to ride by. I was hoping to hunt this week, but that plan fell apart, so maybe in a couple weeks we will FINALLY get out in the hunt field! 

Until then... just getting as much saddle time as I can during this freakishly warm winter! 


  1. Woo hoo! I am glad you found the culprit. And it is always so fun to watch friends have a great time riding the ponies.

  2. I agree with Holly, glad you found the culprit!

    Yay for back to normal :)

  3. Excellent news! And I agree, rice bran is not good for the metabolic guys. :(

  4. Good news, that's an easy fix!!

  5. ooooh please go hunting again so we can all live vicariously through you!

  6. Glad Dino is feeling better!

  7. I'm late to the party on this one, but your title caught my eye. My horse was on rice bran (and beet pulp and Cavalor Pianissimo) and he colicked several times last month, went to the hospital, long story short is fine now BUT. . . our vet asked, "So why is your horse eating rice bran?" and I felt stupid and sheepishly said, "We were feeding him for weight gain." In the end vet says none of that--hay only. It's so much easier. So I can't say rice bran made my horse sick, but I think a weird combination of factors led to a bad situation. And the good news is he's better now. What you've said here about the rice bran is alarming.

  8. I am exploring putting Boca on a super-special low-NSC high-fat feed and am trying to get more educated! Can you share what low-NSC high-fat feed you are using? My email is shaunatwentytwelve at gmail dot com. Thanks!


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