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Dino had the weekend off again while I was away visiting Jen, and because homeboy had re-grown his winter coat already, I clipped him again on Monday and then he got a quick lunge to stretch his legs after being patient for his haircut.

He was sassy and wild and there was much bucking and squealing! Lots of stretchy trot and cantering, even in just his halter. Pony looked great.

And then I got on him for a dressage school in the back field on Tuesday afternoon and he felt like absolute crap.

Distracted, stiff, bulgy, heavy, gross.

And my attitude didn't help, either.

What I WANTED was my dressage star, light in the bridle, attentive, supple, fluffy pony. What I HAD was not that. And instead of being patient and working through it like the reasonable, supposedly more-intelligent being in this relationship, I got mad.

Because that helps. Ever.

I did do some long & low work on a circle in the trot, which helped, but I was still getting way too aggressive about things and not doing Dino any favors.

Then, of course, after I got off and apologized to my pony for being such a jerk, my mind went straight to horrible lamenesses and the thought that his legs were probably falling off. Does he need something injected? Did he injure himself playing in turnout? IS HE BROKEN FOREVER?!?!?!?!?!?!

Thankfully I also have great friends who will talk me down from the ledge, and remind me that this kind of stuff needs to become a regular pattern before I freak out about it. So today, I'll hop on bareback with a better attitude, and see where we are before I completely panic and spend all my money on diagnostics.

Hopefully, there will be less ick.


  1. I'm guilty of getting mad and riding poorly, too. (I think everyone's done that!) At least you recognized it and are planning to have a better ride next time! :)

  2. HAHAHA ahem yeah sooooooo done that.

    And then later I'm like "WHAT the ACTUAL EFF was I thinking?"

    It happens.

  3. Oops, I had that exact ride too the other day :)

  4. oh boy do i know that feeling... and then the ensuing guilt and falling down the rabbit hole of 'omg either i totally suck or they're broken.' not fun at all.

  5. You are not alone in that feeling. It happens pretty much every week over here. At least he has a fancy clip job!


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