25 Questions

Because I know y'all don't want to read another post full of, "Dressage is hard, winter is coming, show season is over, and I'm tired and unmotivated."

Mares or Geldings? Why?
I have actually always been a mare person, and I currently own the most opinionated, mare-ish gelding on the entire planet. I've always gotten along with mares with difficult personalities, and really enjoy the conversation that comes with riding and training a mare. While sometimes I do wish for a gelding who just says, "YES MA'AM!" all the time, I understand and enjoy communicating with mares! Earning the respect of a mare is such a satisfying journey.

Green Broke or Fully Broke?
This is a tricky question! While my pony is definitely fully broke, he has so much freakin' baggage that sometimes I think I'd like a green horse better, so that I could make them up the way I want to. Plus installing buttons and teaching green horses can be really fun and satisfying. On the other hand, riding truly broke horses that have gotten good training all their lives is AWESOME, and I always learn so much. So, I suppose ideally I'd like to have one of each!

Would You Own A Hotter Breed?
In my younger days, I'd have said yes, absolutely! But now that I am an adult, having to manage something that needs riding 6x a week to stay sane and lunging at shows and a horse that loses its mind over silly things is just not something I have any desire to deal with. I want sensible. I want intelligent. I want mentally stable. Forward-thinking is great, but "hot"? No thanks.

What Was Your Dream Horse Growing Up?
Thinking back, there wasn't one specific type of horse that I longed for. I wanted one of everything!

What Kind of Bits Do You Use And Why?
Dino goes in a french-link eggbutt for basically everything. He doesn't need more than a simple snaffle, and he definitely salivates a lot more in the eggbutt than in a single-joint. For western he goes in a short-shank, low-port curb with a copper mouth, and he's fabulous in that, too. Once in a while I will throw a Waterford on him if he's getting a little too friendly with my hands.

Helment or No Helmet?
Helmet. It's just dumb not to. Although I definitely have climbed aboard without one a few times in my life, I don't make a habit of it!

Favorite Horse Color?
Anything with dapples! I love a good buckskin, too, and obviously flaxen chestnut is high on the list.

Least Favorite Horse Color?
Appaloosa or pinto with pink/mottled eye skin, dilutes like cremello or perlino, and white faces with blue eyes are not my favorite.

Dressage or Jumping?
Both! Although I could totally see myself becoming a DQ in my later years.

How Many Years Have You Been Riding?
Just about 20, and I still suck! HA!

Spurs/Whip or No Spurs/Whip?
NEVER go into battle unarmed. I carry a whip and wear spurs just about every single ride, unless there is a particular reason that the horse shouldn't be ridden with one or the other. It's better to have them and not need them than need them and not have them!

Your First Fall?
I had only been riding for a few weeks, and just bounced off the side of my horse at the trot! Very uneventful.

When Was The Last Time You Rode And What Did You Do?
Monday, no-stirrups dressage working on riding the pony straight and light in the bridle.

Most Expensive Piece of Tack You Own?
Definitely my Prestige saddle! It hurt me a little bit it pay for it.

How Old Were You When You Started Riding?

Leather or Nylon Halters?
Leather - stays looking nicer much longer than nylon, and it's safer!

Leather or Synthetic Saddles?
I prefer leather, but I would be lying if I said that I didn't have my eye on a Tekna dressage saddle!

What Type of Reins Do You Like?
Laced leather reins forever! I think I am the only event rider in the world that HATES rubber reins.

English or Western?
English, but it's definitely fun to play around in western tack once in a while, and I'd LOVE to learn to do team penning or sorting!

How Many Horses Do You Currently Own/Lease?
I own precisely one Wonder Pony.

Do You Board Your Horse? Full Board? Self Care? etc.?
I board at a very small, private full-care barn. In the next few years, however, I hope to buy my own place and bring Dino & Friends to live in my backyard! Owning a farm is something that has been on my heart for a long, long time, and while sometimes it's inconvenient to be tied to the farm, it's a lifestyle I love and thrive in.

Have You Ever Put Down A Horse You Loved?
Not yet, and it makes me upset to think about it.

How Many Saddle Pads Do You Have?
Um. Too many. Like over a dozen AP square pads alone. For one horse.

Slant-Load or Straight-Load Trailer?
Straight load, for so many reasons!

Why Do You Ride?
I can't not ride. It's the only time in my day when I am completely, 100% focused. The rest of my life fades away for the period of time that I am sitting on a horse. I love the athletic challenge, the connection, striving towards goals, and the fun of it. There is also something just absolutely magical about building a relationship with a horse, there is nothing else like it in the world. Riding has developed me so much as a human being. I don't know how to not have horses in my life.


  1. The relationship you can form with a mare is definitely amazing. Whenever I've worked with mares, it takes a little longer to break through, but once you do they have a whole lot of try.

    I also don't know how to not have horses in my life. They've just always been there. For all I know, I'd love some other less expensive hobby just as much, but I don't care to find out.

  2. Great post - I actually initiated this blog hop :) I can add you to the link-up if you like!

  3. awww i love those last two pics! great answers too (tho i know a mare who might take exception to the idea that you can't be both hot AND sensible lol)


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