A Very Merry PONY'TUDE Christmas To You!

MERRY CHRISTMAS, dear readers!

I hope that no matter where you are or how you celebrate, you are able to spend time with friends and family during this holiday.

I hope you stuff your ponies full of candy canes!

I hope you are able to take time away from work and busyness to enjoy everything lovely about this season, and contemplate God's great love. All of you are such a gift to me, and I feel so fortunate to have this wonderful blogging community in my life, at Christmastime and all year round!


  1. Happy Holidays! Love the photos with your whole family :)

  2. Max definitely stole the show in those pics! Happy Holidays!

  3. Love these photos! A very Merry Christmas to you!

  4. Since I couldnt figure out how to send you a quick e-mail via mobile Blogger I decided to comment. Your present made my Christmas and low-key I just felt super cool to recieve something from someone I admire! I totally squealed reading the card and had to tell my boyfriend that you are really cool and have a freakin awesome pony and thats why I was so stoked. I will be writing up a post here but wanted to express my gratitude asap! You rock so much!!! Merry Christmas 😁😁

    1. I am SO HAPPY you liked everything, I had so much fun shopping for you, because SPARKLES!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

  5. awwwww so sweet!!! hope you had a wonderful christmas :)


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