Spreadshirt Giveaway Loot

One of the perks of being an equestrian blogger is when your blogger friends hold sweet contests, and then you win them!

I had the good fortune to win Hillary's Spreadshirt Giveaway, good for a $25 gift certificate to Spreadshirt.com - a company that allows you to create custom-printed T-shirts and other goodies.

I waffled back and forth for a while on what type of design I wanted to create - the options are literally endless! In the end I opted for something fairly simple, but with a fun flair:

This is the back of the shirt.

It's a t-shirt that I can, and will, wear all the time, and displays my eternal love for all things pony.

The shirt itself came in the mail yesterday, and it's everything I could ever want in a custom t-shirt. I chose an American Apparel women's cut shirt, and the fit and fabric are absolutely perfect. Super soft, not too tight, not too lose. I used Spreadshirt's handy sizing guide to measure a t-shirt I already owned that I liked the fit of, and then ordered a size Medium, which fit perfectly. The screen printing is high-quality and seems like it will hold up to lots of wear and washing, and looks exactly how I wanted it to, though in my mind I feel like the "01" was going to be bigger, but I'm happy with how it turned out in any case.

The online design program was easy to use, and I was impressed with the reasonable pricing for a quality, custom-printed shirt. I would definitely recommend Spreadshirt for anyone needing something designed especially for them - no complaints here about the quality or customer service!


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