Prestige Eventing Saddle - Trial Part 2

ignore my unattractive face...

Saddle Trial Day 2 went MUCH better than Day 1. Thank goodness. I took the rear blocks off and it made a HUGE difference in how the saddle felt on the flat - it was a million times better! My leg stayed in the same lovely position you see here in the photos.

Dino says, "I am leaving now. Bye."

In the photos my stirrups are at my normal jumping length, and you can see I still have space to go up another hole or two for XC, which is fabulous.

I felt super comfortable, balanced, and secure in the saddle for the entire ride, AND I was riding like a reasonable, compassionate human being, so my pony was going MUCH better than he was last night. Dino wasn't giving me any WOW SUPER PHENOMENAL work, but was doing an average job and certainly wasn't going any worse than normal. We jumped through our grid a few times, and his jump felt super.

I'm definitely leaning more towards "keep" than "send back." I'd love to be able to have a knowledgable friend watch Dino go in the saddle to make extra sure it's comfortable for him, so hopefully tomorrow we'll be able to do that.

If you have any comments on the fit from the pictures I've shared, please speak now or forever hold your peace!


  1. Glad you're having good luck with the saddle! They can be so tricky.
    Also, mostly commented to say I see cute Dino pictures and go, "But I want a ponyyyyyyyyy he's so cuteeeee."

  2. Dino looks surprisingly good with that bright yellow! glad you're liking the saddle too :)

  3. I think the saddle looks great, but more importantly, you are all kinds of coordinated. I approve :)

  4. I hope the saddle works out! I've heard really great things about the Prestige line!

  5. That saddle looks great on him!! And I love your gloves btw, I have a pair sitting in my "wish list". :)

    1. Thanks! They are the Heritage crochet gloves. :)

  6. "Safety Outfit" LOL! I approve :D


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