Pro Iceberg Wrestling, And Other Things

We're alive, I swear! While everyone else is doing an awesome job at blogging, I've been here not blogging, but Dino and I are chugging right along.

A short recap of what the past few days have been like for us:

The end of last week was stupid-cold, and frozen footing meant that either I rode at the walk, or didn't ride at all. Saturday morning found me wrestling stock-tank-sized icebergs out of the horses' water troughs so that they could drink, which took me so long that my plans to do some hill work in the field down the road were crushed. But at least I got my exercise by hefting around giant chunks of ice.

On Sunday it warmed up considerably, and I was able to ride after the evening barn chores. Michael hopped on first for a quick flat ride, and impressed me as always with his ability to retain his skills even though he rides less than once a month right now. It's hard not to hate him sometimes. Dino was then totally fabulous for me, and I enjoyed his now-consistent understanding of how to carry himself.

Yesterday the weather got even more freakish, and jumped up to the mid-60's. Of course I was in a time crunch due to other non-horse-related things I had to do that day, so Dino got a quick lunge.

And I managed to get his awesomeness on video! He was SO good, and demonstrated his continued understanding of contact and self-carriage. You can see from these delightfully blurry video stills that his overall outline has gotten SUPER uphill, and he's really using his topline well:

And for those of you who enjoy video footage, watch my pony run around in circles:


  1. stretch pony, stretch!!! he's looking really good - and like he actually gets it :) tho i'm secretly relieved isabel isn't the only horse with such a speshul transition into canter on the lunge lol

  2. Nice! He has some lovely 'sit' going on. Good for your two, clearly you are doing things right!


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