I Thought You Were Kidding

You Midwestern people.

I thought you were kidding when you were all, "AHHH IT'S SO UNSEASONABLY COLD WE'RE ALL GOING TO FREEZE TO DEATH!!"

I thought you were being weeines.

You weren't.

The cold front has now hit Pennsylvania and I'm suffering along with you.

It's horrible.

It's 16 degrees out this morning.

And for some reason I rode my pony last night?!

I must be insane.


  1. I need that shirt in my life.

  2. Eeek! Stay warm! You can always move here :)

  3. yea... you're braver than i am! maryland has a case of the colds now too... and... yea haven't seen my horse in days :(

  4. It sucks

    Kudos to you for still riding though especially with such a large change in temperatures! I skipped riding last night for bar bingo (yes I do live in the Midwest haha) but plan on going out tonight!


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