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Happy Monday, Everyone!

It's been a rather exciting weekend, to say the least! 

On Sunday I headed out to the Plantation Field Starter Trials with Rachel and our sidekick Bailey. Rachel and Toby were all set to do the Beginner Novice, and it was looking like a gorgeous day. 

Rachel and Bailey strategizing before dressage
Rachel and her noble steed had a pretty solid dressage test, and while we were taking a break before we needed to get ready for stadium and cross country, I got to meet some fellow bloggers! 

Carly from Poor Woman Showing and Niamh from Life of Riley were also at Plantation! Carly and Bobby had just finished up their Novice HT, and were packing up to go home when I wandered over to say hi. Thankfully, they are just as cool in person as they are online. It was really neat to meet other members of the equestrian blogging community! Plus Bobby is a total stud and we bonded over some ear rubs. 

Before we knew it, it was time for Rachel's stadium round.

So much badassery. 
Toby warmed up like a champ for his show jumping, and totally fooled us all into thinking that he'd have a rockstar stadium round. Instead he decided that fence 2 was going to kill him, performed a super dirty stop, and promptly deposited Rachel into the dirt. To top everything off, she landed on her arm, totally wrecked her elbow, and earned herself a trip to the EMT truck, and later a visit to the ER.

I'm going to add Ambulance Driver to my resume. 

Sad Face Hospital Selfie. The lighting in this room was surprisingly flattering...
According to the x-rays, it isn't broken, so that's positive! But we ended up having a much longer, much harder, much more exhausting, much crappier day than we anticipated. Sometimes I truly believe that we are all addicts, the way our horses continue to break us down physically and emotionally, and we just keep coming back for more. I know Rachel will bounce back - both from her injury and the frustration and self-doubt a fall like this creates. She's a tough cookie.

Oh, and I rode my pony, he was awesome, and I gave my dog a haircut: 


This has been a weekend update from PONY'TUDE. Here's to a great week for everyone and their horses! 


  1. Yay! It was so great to meet you! Does Rachel have a blog too?

    1. You too! Hopefully I'll get to see you and Riley in action someday soon! Rachel doesn't blog, but I am her groom for pretty much everything, so you'll get to see updates on her adventures too. :)

  2. Fun meeting other bloggers! Hope your friend heals quick!

  3. How fun to meet other bloggers. Bummer about the stadium round but glad she is ok and not broken!

  4. What a bummer about stadium!! At least she didn't have to face the terrifying xc course? Hope she heals up soon, and it was so fun hanging out with you guys!


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