So Far So Good & What We've Been Up To

Our first couple days with the Tough-1 muzzle were a little challenging.

Since the fit is not as restrictive as the old muzzle, we had some issues with Dino actually keeping it on. On Friday afternoon I found my pony with the muzzle dangling under his chin, and on Saturday evening Jess texted me a picture of a very happy, very naked Dino:

For the past three days His Royal Highness decided that he was going to keep the muzzle on all day. Success! And the best part is - NO NEW RUBS. With his old muzzle, rubs would start after the first few hours of turnout. The Tough-1 muzzle has so far performed beautifully in this regard, with no new rubs at all after a full day of use. I also really need to wash the muzzle gunk off his blaze, apparently. The old rub marks are already growing in, and I haven't even MTG'd them in a few days. If you're thinking about getting yourself your own Tough-1 muzzle, be aware that the sizing is a little weird for smaller equines. Dino normally wears a cob in just about everything, but I ordered him a "Pony" size muzzle, and the fit is on-par with what one would expect a cob size to be. If you have a true pony-size pony, the "Yearling" size is probably what you're looking for.

I have deigned to keep this blasted thing on my face. For now.

In the mean time, Dino's been working hard at shedding out the last of his winter fluffs. He's really going gang-busters with the shedding, which is great, I just wish he was done already like most of the other horses I know! He is getting spectacularly shiny as he loses more of the frizzled, sun-bleached coat.

We've been doing a lot of variety in our riding lately, mixing in dressage rides with jump schools, and throwing in a western ride yesterday. Jess even hopped on my little cow pony after I rode, and had a blast with him! It makes me proud to see how versatile Dino is.

So versatile, that we're going cross-country schooling this evening.

And may have possibly decided to do a horse trial in July.

I have officially lost my mind.


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