An Extra Dose of Tiny 'Tude

Last night I got the opportunity to ride with my friends Michelle and Jayme, something we've literally been trying to organize for MONTHS now!

Michelle has 2 horses and not a lot of time, and I love riding small ponies, and riding with friends is always more fun than riding by yourself, so it was a win-win-win situation for everyone. Except that her horse Dakota came down with a runny nose because he had some weird clogged tearduct situation going on, Jayme's horse Seamus was footsore from a too-close trim, and I have a sprained ankle. But we made it work.

My mount for the evening was Patches, a 5 year old, 12.2hh Chincoteague Pony with the most adorable pink nose and pony'hawk you ever did see. He is basically my new BFF and gives really good pony smooches. Don't tell Dino.

Patches Lovin'
Patches will hopefully be leased out to his own little child this summer, so we were trying to make a video of his awesomeness.

Ready to roll. 
I mounted up and pretty much immediately started giggling. Seriously, what's better than sitting on a tiny, spotted pony with a crazy mane?! NOTHING. Nothing is better than that.

I walked and trotted Patches around, and he was a really good boy. Michelle hasn't had a whole lot of time to work with him since she broke him to ride, so he is pretty much solid at the walk and trot, kind of steers, and just learned to canter recently. He also goes over ground poles like a champ. Patches hasn't quite gotten the whole cantering thing down yet, so our attempts were more speed-trotting than cantering, but I did get him to canter a bit in each direction. He is a REALLY good baby and tries hard to do what you ask, is totally sensible, and has an amazing personality. Patches is going to be some kid's dream pony!

Then the saddles came off and things got crazy.

Patches and big brother Dakota being adorable
Dakota, Seamus, and Patches' ear. 
Yes. We went there. 
Jayme was highly amused by my antics. 

It was a great night riding and laughing with friends, and I ended up getting home around 10pm because we just couldn't stop talking!

And if you or a kid you know would be interested in taking Patches on for the summer, let me know! He is a really cool little dude and needs his very own kid to bomb around with.


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