Driving Lessons

I realize that learning to drive a truck & trailer might be a weird thing to do directly following a bad car wreck, but life goes on. Thankfully the accident didn't traumatize me for life. Clearly.

After owning Lil' Dynamo for over a year now, I finally hauled my own trailer!

so shiny! 
My rig was due for inspection, so on Tuesday night I got a trailer driving lesson from my awesome hubby. We hauled down the road to a parking lot where I practiced backing up. And backing up. And backing up some more. There were moments of frustration, but I definitely started to get the hang of sending the trailer where I wanted it to go and then following up quickly with the truck. Forward was a non-issue, it was going in reverse that was tricky! After Michael was satisfied with my performance, we headed back to the barn where I had to back the trailer into its spot between two others. It took a few tries, but I did it! I felt really, really proud of myself. 

Yesterday morning Michael dropped Lil' Dynamo off at the dealership to be inspected, and I had to pick it up in the afternoon. By myself. 

I was a little apprehensive, but the guys at the trailer dealership are some of the nicest people ever, and helped me maneuver in the narrow parking lot to hitch up. Back-up cameras are also the greatest thing that has ever been invented. I hauled home with absolutely zero issues, and expertly parked my rig in the exact same spot! 

back that thang up
LOOK AT THAT PERFECT PARKING JOB, WILL YA?! Right in the same tire tracks! 

I'm absurdly pleased with myself. 

I've now checked one more thing off the list of requirements to become a well-rounded horsewoman, and it feels great. 


  1. I need trailer driving lessons SO BAD. Can I come next time? lol

  2. Backing in a straight line is probably the hardest thing ever.

    1. Also under-estimating how much the trailer will turn when you move the wheel... a couple times I found myself asking, "WHY ARE YOU GOING THERE I DID NOT TELL YOU TO DO THAT, TRAILER!"

  3. Backing a bumper pull is definitely not easy. It seems so, well, backwards from what you would normally do backing up. Good job for figuring it out!


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