PONY'TUDE Patented Arm Workout

Do you want crazy huge biceps?!

Worried about that dangly arm flab?

Concerned about looking your best in sleeveless summer tops?

Well, worry no more! Here comes the PONY'TUDE Patented Arm Workout!! In just a few short sessions, you too can have amazing ripped guns!

Step 1: Obtain a shedding pony.
Step 2: Obtain several curry combs. A variety of hard, soft, large, and small is best! The heavier the better. The 1lb "monster curry" is my personal favorite.
Step 3: Brush the pony.
Step 4: Brush the pony.
Step 5: Brush the pony.
Step 6: Wonder if your arms are going to fall off.
Step 7: Brush the pony.
Step 8: Moan in agony.
Step 9: Brush the pony.
Step 10: When you can no longer lift either arm and are covered head-to-toe in hair, you can stop.

Repeat daily.

Enjoy your newfound musculature!


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