Can We Talk?

Can we talk about this guy here?


Can we just have a little conversation?

Let's chat about this cowboy who first loved horses because he had dreams of rounding up cattle and chasing after bad guys, six-shooter in hand. This dude who lives in cowboy boots, loves stock horses, and says "jog" and "lope" instead of "trot" and "canter."

Let us observe that in this photo, he is attired in paddock boots, half chaps, breeches, and a helmet, riding an off-the-track Thoroughbred.

And he is LOVING IT.

Michael has been riding Dino in my jumping saddle for the past year or so, and Rachel recently offered for him to come take Toby for a spin. Let's just say it was love at first sight.

Michael and Toby are BFF's. They love each other, and Toby is teaching Michael the ins and outs of jumping. I think it's safe to say that Michael has the jumping bug BAD, and had the biggest smile I've ever seen on his face the entire time he was on Toby. In two rides the two of them progressed from trotting crossrails to jumping courses and grids, one of which contained a 2'6" oxer at the end.

I am BEYOND PROUD. And as a horsewoman, it is just the coolest thing that my husband has, all on his own, developed a passion for my sport and that we can share our riding adventures together. What's not as cool is that he will probably be a better rider than me really soon. He's so naturally talented it makes me sick.

Plans are to enter Michael and Toby in the crossrail jumper division at a schooling show on April 20th. Rachel will then pilot her amazing steed in the higher classes, while Dino and I try not to make total fools of ourselves.

I can't thank Rachel enough for the incredible opportunity she's given Michael by offering her awesome horse and her time. She has single-handedly opened up a whole new world for him and been so supportive and encouraging in her role as Trainer Rachel. Thank you, Rachel! You're the best.


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