Excitement! Intrigue! Last-Minute Panic!

As of yesterday, Mike and I are pre-entered for Saturday's schooling jumper show. He will be debuting in the crossrail jumpers with Toby (aka The Punisher) and I've signed myself and Dino up for the .80 meter division, in hopes that I will continue to remember how to ride and not just sit limply on my pony like a brain-dead starfish.

We're as ready as we can be.

Except that our new trailer isn't registered.

Or inspected.

And did I mention the title hasn't come in the mail yet?

SO the next couple days will be spent in a blind panic attempting to legalize our trailer by 7am Saturday morning, when we will (hopefully) be leaving the barn on our way to the show. If not, D-Money will be sitting this one out. While the thought is kind of a bummer, I enjoy grooming and coaching almost as much as I enjoy competing, so it will be a great day regardless!

Just please, please cross your fingers that the trailer thing works out. I need all the finger-crossing I can get.


  1. LOL, brain dead starfish. Hope you get your registration in! Trailers are stressful, ha.


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