Post-Christmas Coma

Well, hi!

I hope everyone had a marvelous Christmas, and if you don't celebrate Christmas, I hope you had an awesome day yesterday! Ours was chock full of family, food, presents, and laughter. All the dogs got homemade biscuits, Dino and his buds got a morning bran mash, and Michael and I got to spend time with both our families.

I had plans to head out to the barn today and put some of my horsey presents right to use, but it just started snowing, and it's really cold, and the snow is supposed to turn into rain soon, so... Dino might just get another day off in honor of Christmas. But homeboy has some long-lining in his future since my wonderful parents got me the lunging surcingle I have been eyeing up for a couple years now! I love long-lining and ground driving for fine-tuning things on the ground, as well as building muscle. Plus it adds some variety to the horses' routine, which is always good!

But for now, Max and I are hanging out by the fire watching the snow, drinking tea, and studying for my real estate exam. A pretty nice way to unwind from Christmas craziness!


  1. Oooh you long line/ground drive? I'm really intrigued about that. Any reading material you can recommend for someone who's experienced with lunging but has never tried long lining?

  2. Hey Julie! Yes indeed, long lining and ground driving are good tools to have in your toolbox! This book was described by one of my college instructors as "The Bible": It basically walks you through starting a horse through training for competition, including lunging, long lining, etc. Long lining has a lot to do with feel, so if you can find someone at your barn, a friend, trainer, whoever, to at least demonstrate to you, that would be the best! If no one you know long lines, YouTube is quite honestly a pretty good place to at least see stuff like that in action. Have fun!


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