Back In The Saddle

... Sorta.

Dino's foot is healing quite nicely and I've ridden him a couple times over the past week. However, between getting the Chest Cold From Hell and winter weather deciding to make an appearance, I haven't done quite as much riding as I'd like. Dino was just fine with this arrangement. But he just got his snow shoes on at the end of last week, so vacation is officially OVER. He's not so enthused.

I'd like to take a brief moment to shamelessly promote my husband's budding photography business, StitzPics!

Michael and his sister Becca are both seriously talented photographers who are just breaking into the professional scene, and their new website just went live. So CLICK HERE to check out StitzPics, take a look at their awesome work, and contact them with any questions you might have. If you want glamor shorts of you and your horses, Christmas card photos, family pictures, or your own personal horse show photographer, they are the ones to call!

Feast your eyes on these adorable Christmas photos Becca did for us:

Family Photo!

Dino: "This is my good side. Trust me."
ADORABLE, right!? I thought they came out awesome, especially since Becca's never shot horses before!

So everyone check out StitzPics, then get your butts outside and enjoy this AWESOME FREAK WARM WEATHER!


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