Just When Things Were Going Well

And on day 2 of "Dino Goes Back To Work" he is lame. Again.

Of course.

I am hoping we just over-did it coming back to work and he tweaked something in his shoulder area. He is a bit stiff and sore all over, which is to be expected after nearly a month off and then being asked to work again, especially for a horse with muscle issues, but moving his front end sideways seems to be really ouchy for him. He looked great in the round pen and felt okay under saddle today, but pivoting his shoulders around his hind end was really tough for him. At this point I'm just going to take it easy and keep him in VERY light exercise just to keep him from getting stiff in his muscles, but otherwise just let him chill and see how he improves. Unfortunately money is tight so I can't call the vet out at this point, but he's not in constant pain and his feet aren't falling off so I think it's an okay situation to "wait and see".

On a positive note, his attitude has been absolutely FANTASTIC! No grouchiness, no tantrums, just his happy, pleasant, curious, mischievous self. Dino has been downright pleasant to work with and be around the past few days, and I don't know what changed, but he seems really happy to just spend time together. If my little buddy is going to be physically out of commission for a bit longer, I'm glad he is at least in a happy place mentally!


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